Thursday, January 21, 2010

Awhyo KL Trip 2010

the past 5 days in KL were tonnes of fun. in fact, it was awesome.
we planned this trip for quite some time. hehe

who knew in the end everything was still so last minute haha
so many people squeezed in one room.

I bathed for only 10minutes ler! that is like a miracle LOL

everyday we'd leave the hotel @ 10, then shop till 10 at night.
but our journey doesn't end there!

awhyo gang have night life one okk!! hahaha

every night we will go out chat chat chat till dono what time :P
yea it was damn fun spending time with them crazy asses. ahaha

1st day 14th Jan 2010, Thurs

@ the airport. hoho

we all arrived early and talk talk talk there.
PL arrived later, he was on the same flight as us -___-

he didn't know it till then. wth

2nd day 15th Jan 2010, Fri

we shopped at Sunway. we were early. arrived at the mall at 9am .__.
not even opened yet lol!

so we had breakfast somewhere nearby.
after that, shopppppp shop and more shopping!! :D

Baskin Robbins ice cream!
2 scoops and we were bloated. almost puked =S

round 12 like that, Daryl met up with us.
Bry and Karen met us at 3. hoohoo

so shiok lor see our group expand right before our eyes. haha

Bry, Daryl and Terry
so ngam they all wearing black.

Karen babe!

we separated awhile. the others left for Times Square while Karen Jac and I stayed at Sunway shopping!

the skating rink at Sunway.
should have tried it out T~T
who knows like babe said, we might bump into some hot guy or something. hahaha

after that, met up with them at Times Square.
while going down the escalator, Karen suddenly shouted "eii!"

then I turned and saw my ai ren there!!
omg lor damn shocked I was like jumping there shouting "eii eii eii" too! LOL

shocked till speechless ~.~

in the end SS said "ai ren!" then hugged me!

it was a pretty hilarious scene. hehe (:

celebrated SS's early birthday at Krispy Kreme

20 already! hehe but don't look old at all. ^^

my ai ren very leng lui arrr! :P

largest group photo that I'm in.

we headed home, felt very safe cos we have 4 bodyguards lerh haha

and even offered to help us bring our shopping. hee~

1st day punya shopping. not all mine hor!

he cha at some mamak stall, but too noisy le, so we continued chatting inside the room.
kinda rough night for me. almost cried hah..

but well Kri laopo cheered me up. hehe. (:

see Terry, this is the good of having 8 lovers. bankrupt also nevermind, it's all worth it. !

3rd day 16th Jan 2010, Sat

the day I met my babe! wahaha
Karen, Jac, Hui Wen and I left for One Utama 1st.

the others stayed back and spent time with Daryl. he's leaving soon :(

sad lor can't see him till June. !

stupid me didn't realize this till i was inside the cab.
almost cried again -__-
dunno wth is wrong with me !

with Jac in the monorail.
Karen was our tourguide. hehe

Hui Wen

me and babe!! teehee

very nervous to meet her at 1st. almost chickened out. haha!

but in the end we did meet, and everything was fine! c(=


had this for lunch. very yummy!
at 1st still aiming the dessert the people sitting next to us ordered. LOL!

who knew after eating damn full already, hoohoo ~

group photo at FCUK.

very cheap eh the things there.
one shoe rm900 only.

got 50% discount lagi.


after babe left, we went to Carl's Junior meet up with awhyo.
wooooooo Hao Hsiu was there lerh! haha
no change at all.
still as qian da as before, in a good way though. hehe

he's the one between Doris and Kri.

you know what, months ago, I wished that we could all gather together once again.
heh.. it came true :)
though not everyone was present, at least most of us were there.

had Haagen Daaz ice cream too!
very nice! T_T

left 1 Utama then headed to Sungei Wang.
walked walked in search of Kri laopo's cute shoes. haha

finally bought it. hehe

that night, slept in the same room as awhyo. haha
really funny lor. Terry has a beer belly, but he doesn't drink. wtf. hahaha
that night supposed to be have 3 rooms, but one of it was haunted D:

it was a very scary night indeed.

plus, before that, Karen knocked on our door and when we asked who was it, she didn't answer!
freaked us out mann!! hahaha

had supper at the food stalls behind our hotel.
yummy but kinda ex though. nevertheless we still had fun. hehe

4th day. 17th Jan 2010 Sunday

Jac called me early in the morning to wake me. wthh

she was very happy that I woke.
cos turns out when she tried to wake Karen up, she went back to sleep.

Karen really pig la ! xD

we went to church! hoho
not late, thankfully. we were on time. *proud face

three of us wore matching shirts that day.

"I am nobody. and nobody is perfect"


really like the shirts there, should have bought more! haha

after church, we walked to KLCC. damn, it was so far. hahaha

it's a very nice building, even if it is made in Malaysia. no offence. ahaha

cam whoring on the wayy

can't really see Karen and Jac in the pics.
cos we're eco friendly, we're the same colour as the trees. hahaha

we were losing our minds by the time we reached. cos it was getting hot and seems like we're not getting any closer to KLCC.

so when we were stone throw away from KLCC, I said to Karen
"let's just give up la, ride taxi"




the large shopping mall!


oh yea, Jac and I even tried out the rm2 per entry toilet there. HAHAHA

long story. hoho but it was funneh! wakaka

lunch at Chillies.

damn ex lor T_T si babe you intro this to us!!

Hello Kitty magazines !!

almost bought one, but resisted. haha

the view from the bookshop (forgot what name)
the bookshop's like damn big. can even get lost in it. -,-

met up with Susan and the others at Times.
walk walk walk. haha

they left 1st.
this Susan really damn.. dono how to say hahaha

me: you all back at hotel already?
Susan: ya. we at hotel le. 4p eh. 
me: wth.. jiang zhenn? haha
Susan: ya lor. you wan join?


dinner with HH and his parents that night. wooo~
they chia-ed us all makan. damn nice lor the food!

and really full. haha

HH and Terry, just look at your faces. hahahaha!!

thanks HH and his parents for the wonderful dinner! (:

5th day 18th Jan 2010, Monday

went to Mid Valley.
only had rm100 left for shopping. LOL!

really bankrupt. ~_~

however I still had fun in this shopping trip. hehe

we had lunch in Tepanyaki.
wanted to try out the Sushi buffet but not available in Mid Valley

Fuji Snow!
wooo so big lor haha damn shiok one. :D

Mid Valley's very fun.
got lots of stores here and there. haha
plus, Kri's also broke already that time. hahaha

so it's damn hilarious larh our situation.

on the bright side, many people offered to borrow us money. with 10% interest of course. LMAO

everyone waiting for PL on the bench. haha

we headed back. had dinner at Subway. damn yummy one !! RAWRR !

and after that costly dinner, I was left with rm23.


owh well, thankfully we're leaving the next day :D

6th day 19th Jan 2010 Tues

had some time to spare so we shopped at Times Square awhile.
just found out that we can actually walk there from our hotel =.=

Susan kept teasing Jac and I for using the monorail all these while -___-

we didn't know bah! T_T

the walk to KL central was tiring. ;(

we had so many luggage with us and in the end almost missed the monorail!
thank goodness the door opened again if not Terry would have killed me. *gulps

Susan ;D

slept like pigs on the bus.
funny how I manage to embarrass myself wherever I went.

I was taking out my Jibbits, wanted to show Jac then it flew from my hand and fell to the floor.
then we like sakai search here and there


ok so that's it!
we arrived safely in Miri wooohooooo~

but was kinda sad cos like nobody even bothered to pick me!
and mum wasn't even talking to me wth?!
only my little bros talked to me.
omigosh they're so adorable haha =D

turns out mum and dad had a fight that day :/
last night dad came up to me, gave me a big big hug, and apologized. so yeah, I'm all better now!

hehehe !!

with Jac darling♥  (:

Karen babe ♥

who says I'm the only ham one in the gang har!! hahaha

check out these super ham faces muahahah :D

finally I'm done with this super long post!! :D

enjoy reading everyone. sorry for being so detailed. I just want to read back on this post years from now, and smile at every small thing that happened (:

a toast,

to friendship. *big smile*


I want to dye my hair :(

become this colour! wuahahha


need to save money again :S


bought alot of things! but then again like not alot also. hahaha

neways, my favourite buy is this!!


very colourful Nike bag :D

and I realize that Jac and I really very sakai one lor.

it's like, when we're walking, we keep looking at the things we bought, and smile to ourselves.! LOL

really funny one.

I caught Jac smiling at her wallet numeral times already. HAHAHA

okookok!! hehe
love you even more after the trip darling. haha

love awhyo even more more more!!!

muacksss!!! ♥

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