Thursday, January 28, 2010

shabu shabu :D

yesterday turned out not-so-boring after all ;D
round 5pm liddat, Carrie msg-ed informing that we're gonna have dinner at Qian Tian.

damn happy lar! *tears of joyyy

when I was parking, I saw Ee Hau's car there.
so I was like wtf?! nobody told me he came back already, no wonder got gathering larhh


it's been awhile, finally get to see him again. :)

 PL treated Carrie so bad last night! LOL

she say something then he straight shoot her. lmao.
see them fight very funny

dinner was nice.
cos we have rich ass Terry Wong order damn many things to eat. ROFL

what ostrich meat ar, fish ar blablabla all come out all of a sudden. LOL

as usual we talked cock there, acting like we own the place. which is kinda .. well, awhyo-ish. haha!

damn full. haha

Olic Ting also joined us lerh! XP
happy happy.
everyone in Miri was present. teehee~

after dinner, continued at Airy Cafe. (i think that's the name)
but I had to BRB went to pick bro. lolx

damn sien. being the driver all the time lately. -__-

and no allowance even!

sometimes i feel that my parents are crazy.
last time I asked my mum to help me find a job at a phoneshop (life long dream and all), she said okayy, wait you come back from your KL trip.

so I'm back now. and I asked her bout it.
suddenly she doesn't wanna help me anymore.
like what the??

tried finding a job myself but everywhere, they're looking for full time workers.
 the hell.

so here I am, jobless. WTF

broke from the KL trip, how they expect me to survive??
what the fuck.


our cars :P

park nice nice one. ehehehe

okayyy that's it. heehee.

sorry for the vulgar, suddenly got all pissy -,-

wo yao monehhh!! T.T

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