Saturday, January 9, 2010

sorry babehs ! ={

for the trouble I've caused u two =X

still feel bad about it.

neways, had much fun with them, though only get to spend very lil time with them :(

if only I have a personal driver like auntie Edith does wtf who'll help me drive my brothers to tuition if I can't
even better, he can send me around too!
then I won't have to pay for ridiculous parking tickets/coupons, whatever!

ok enough ranting. gotta complete this post cos dad just asked me to go sleep! D:

I met with Do and San at DeliFrance.

San's on this 10 days no cream/sugar/cheese and I forgot what diet. haha

she even bought this Latin Dancing DVD.

damn vain lah.

Do and San were so hilarious I couldn't stop laughing!

the whole place was filled with our voices. haha :P

San getting the bill.

after talking there for ages, we left.
headed to Vincci.

Do tried on a pair of heels.
walauuu ~ damn hot arh the heels :D

sppppppppiiiicccyyyy ! 

after that went magazine hunting too!

took this in DeliFrance, cos those two were like camwhoring too!
I think I got darker after coming back from Phils lor T___T !

but I secretly blame it on the lighting. ahaha

after hanging out at Parkson, headed back. ZOMG Do played the disc she bought.
all those pub music one. niceeee! ahaha

and we were dancing and screaming in the car LOL

picked Daryl. once he entered the car, they both stopping singing AND dancing. ahaha!

dropped them at Fratini, then continued the night with Awhyo gathering at Yong Le.


Susan darling's back! YAY!!! damn happy. hahaha

we chatted there for so long!
went home at 1am LOL i think?

thank goodness I'm still alive, I thought my dad was gonna murder me. :O~

went breakfast with Awhyo again this morning. haha


ok nites everyone! another update tomorrow! on my shopping spree here in Miri, Boulevard. LOOOL~

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