Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Carrie's birthdayy

celebrated Kri's birthday last night @ Pongs !

Terry was the earliest, as always. and (lucky for me) I wasn't that late, hoho~ well, at least earlier than Kri lar :P

Jac darling joined us too!

it was fun. didn't see Kri in a long time, finally got a chance to see her. haha

she's still as cute and blur as always

had to limit myself cos I was practically bankrupt last night.
asked monehh from dad, but he went jogging and didn't left me any $$!!!
I actually searched uknw just in case he did! :( 

 so lor, no money =.=
the hell. hahaha

and Poh Lim even taught me a wise saying:
"even though you're very poor, never say you're broke.
just say,
'I don't have that much money at the moment'.
because if you keep saying you're broke, then you'll become even more poor-er!"


so I kept jio-ing him the whole night! ahaha

yummy-licious birthdayy cake! *drools

Kri laopo!!

see how pro of a photographer I am? take dao such a nice pic. muahaha

woots so happy ar her. lols XP

cut cake

see everyone, can't wait to eat the cake liao. haha


me and laopo.

very funny. after taking this pic, she laughed and said that we really look alike.
cos she didn't know which is her. LOL

after that, Terry suggested that we he cha. lol
i have no idea why he suddenly wants to stay out till so late.

we went to Yong Le
talk talk talk and that's pretty much it. haha

and the day before, watched Sherlock Holmes with Jac darling, Daryl and Terry.

the movie's great! like very funny and thrilling, hohoho
 had my eyes glued to the screen the whole time.

Daryl and Terry left after the movie.
Jac and I on the other hand...

had kiddy meal for.. urm, tea break?

we talked very long there. after that, we left Parkson and headed to the beach!

view at Marina Bay

the clouds look like a house right?
very nice.

we had quite a long talk there too. didn't expect to stay out that long. haha
but yea, reached home round 10. LOL!

after talking (very long), we went to eat dinner!! it was already 9 at the time. damn hungry! T~T
ate at Bak Kut Teh, pelita area there.

not so nice lor :(
the chicken no meat one. -,- damn beh song lorh. hmmph!

nonetheless, still had a great time with darling. haha

oh yea, we went to ToysWorld before dinner.
wandered around there, Jac met up with her friends there.

and we bought these~

rm5 only! hahaha
so cute one :P

another pic of the beach I took in Piasau Boat Club.

never knew I had an artistic side *cough

and just this morning, I woke up and decided to cut my fringe.
reluctant to go to the saloon, cos I'll definitely be tempted to treatment my hair :(
which for now, I have insufficient funds to do so. SAD

and I so do not want to take out my savings (little as they are) because I really need to save it for the KL trip.

this is the end result.

looks ok right?

but it is so not okayy after I washed my hair!!


hope it'll get better soon.

well, at least I got to treatment my hair just now. hehehe.

will definitely go for hair treatment after KL trip!! RAWR!

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