Wednesday, January 27, 2010

B.O.D. - bored to death

it's the third day I'm stuck at home... =[

really can't wait for school to reopen. ugghhh! not that I ever liked studying, or Curtin.
I despise them both -_-

but what to do???
at least it's better than staying at home all day, only able to drive around when I have errands to run - picking bros up from school, sending them to tuition blablabla.

why, just this morning I got an urgent call from my dearest brother, asking me to send his exercise book to school.
ain't that lovely?

and as usual, the road near his school was jam packed with cars. the hell

I saw no sign of him at the bus stop, (at least the last time I did something like this for him he was waiting for me)
so I parked my car.

thank God a car reversed out and there was a parking spot, if not I would have killed someone.

still, no sign of him !

so I went all the way up to his class (obviously this isn't my first time coming lor since I know where his class is!!) - 3 stories leh !!!
climb till want die liao.

then he wasn't even in his class !! ZOMG !
I wanna be angry but sadly I'm not.
not because I love running errands under the hot sun, or driving around at areas with traffic jams(in other words, higher risk of car accidents), or climbing three stories just to see a bunch of kids look at me like i'm some weirdo mum.

I have no idea why I'm not angry at all. maybe i was born a saint?

actually, I think it's the boredom that's making me lose my head.

so yeh, this is like, the most interesting thing that has happened to me in the past three days.
yay me ~

I wish I had a personal driver who sends my homework to school if i ever forget to bring it.

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