Friday, January 1, 2010

I remember the daysss~

at friggin' long last, I'm back!! :D

so damn happy to be back home in Miri. woohoo~
supposed to arrive last night, even got permission from mum to go out countdown with friends.
who knew the stupid flight was delayed :( !

we were prisoners in the oh so small airport T~T damn kelian one. and had to stay overnight in KK
left the hotel 6am++ this morning, (WTF SO EARLY!)
and then finally


so here I am to blog about our trip to the Philipines. shopping, drooling-over-hot-driversguys, visiting cousins and what not.

or rather, everything that I can remember about that trip. haha XP

lucky for me, blogging will be easy, because I have pictures! woohooo~





1st day we overnighted at KK
stayed at a lodge
free transport and food 2 private rooms = rm300.

it was the worst stay ever!
like seriously, there were cockroaches in the bathroom! can you believe it?

I killed it, then my brothers called me "cockroach smasher" ever since -___-

took this pic cos it makes me laugh idk why


Cryssy, I think you might like this, am I right? XO

shopping in KK was no fun at all :(

mum won't let me buy anything, she keeps saying "buy in Phils! it's cheaper there" blablabla T~T

plus the place's like SO crowded!
the ppl there look crazy, some of them dyed their hair rainbow colour, wtf?!

I was like, "please don't kill me please don't kill me!"

crazy clowns

my two brothers waiting patiently while my parents shop for my other brother.

saw this !
ZOMG Hello Kitty phone ! T_T

sadly the function of that phone's not so good :(

I love KK !
there's so many diff brands there.
Sasa, Roxy, Quicksilver, Bodyglove
you name it.

how I wish Miri is the same too T~T

little bro sleeping on top of the double decker.

I was supposed to sleep there, but when I climb up the bed started to make sounds.
like, the hell?!

we all screamed like crazy.
my brother even said that we're all gonna die cos we're sleeping underneath.

2nd day, arrived at Clark airport!
had no idea we still need a 2hour drive to reach Manila.
found out only when we landed. (my mum is so evil)


well, at least the view was ok?

but the traffic jams were horrifying.
the way the ppl in Manila drove was even more horrifying
three lanes can become four lanes, pro or not?

and I was stuck at the last seat of the car, crammed with all them luggages T_T

kelian o not?!

took these two pix then I slept like a pig. hahaha

oh wait, there's this pic too. the building seemed fascinating. too bad this isn't a nice shot.

after wat seemed like years...

finally, we arrived at my aunt's place.

she is R.I.C.H. wtf

love her xmas tree. it's like the perfect christmas tree lor :(
if only we have one in our house too. haha

and all the gifts under the tree. walau eh. all branded one.
Marks and Spencers and etcetcetc!!!

the moment we got off the taxi, I saw the most handsome guy ever,


I was in awe.

he was wearing black. he's tall, dark and handsome. and had big arms. WALAU

and he helped us with the luggage.
in my mind I was like,
"oh my gosh auntie Edith's son is like so hawt"

after that my aunt brought us all for dinner. !
and there he was again, sitting in the driver's seat.
I was like,
"wow he's so nice, drive his mother around"

as we sat down, there was no sign of him.
and I was thinking, okk maybe he went to park the car or something.

while waiting for him to arrive, I heard my mum asking my cousin, Marc, auntie Edith's son also
"where's your brother?"

in my head I was thinking, wasn't he the one driving just now?

I even almost blurted out that he should be parking the car or something. haha!

but Marc said that his brother's not here, still studying somewhere else.

the hell.

I had a crush on the driver WHAT THE FOOK!!

oh well, at least I got this Hello Kitty thingyy from the cereal we bought. haha

after dinner, we walked home, cos the place was nearby.
dang, the houses in that neighbourhood are damn big.

check this house out.
that's mum posing. haha!
she's the background *cough

the next day, auntie Edith brought us all to the highlands.

I was happy enough no matter where we went.
cos going out meant riding inside the car.
and being inside the car meant watching someone drive. muahahah

organic lunch.

dad told us lunch was gonna be all vegetables.
so all of us ate the salad till we were so full. only to find out that it was only the appetizer, pasta was up next.!

after dessert, the lady there gave us ladies this flower. lolx

I don't like flowers :S

they're sticky, and they die easily! D:
this one had a worm in it. -,-

the hell 

after eating, we left and headed somewhere else.
i have no idea where. lolx

the view.

me and little bro.
he was in a bad mood cos we all bullied him. lolx!

me and 2nd bro.

we fished there. haha

it was fun!
but me and my 2nd bro, we caught nothing :(

while my big bro and youngest bro caught 4 fishes!! *unfair!

dad in blue, fixing the bait.

the one in red is the smokin' hot driver. hahaha! *drools
regret not taking his face!! RAWR

the trip was very tiring lor. after eating I sleep inside the car cos we always have to travel for like 2hours? before reaching our destination. damn long one!

the next few days were spent shopping! *wheeee~

the spaghetti is to die for!! very nice!

Jollibeeeeee ~

om nomm nomm! :D

2nd bro. :P

mum n dad continued shopping while we waited at the stairs
huhuu T~T

-getting lazier to blog now :( -

searched high and low to find the FCUK watch, but failed.
so in the end bought this.

love it lor~ haha
but like not really ngam my hand !

now for some pix with me cousins! :D

me with Paula
she's cute!!

but very very evil as well. LOL

she looks innocent though. haha

my bro was lying on the bed like this.
then she went to disturb him. she hit his ass then he jumped up from bed HAHAHA

then I signalled to her to grope his ass,



you should have seen my brother's face like ROFL LMAO ! :D

me with Jonan

omg he's so much more cute than he was 3 years ago. he's not that naughty anymore. haha


very cute boii as well :D


ommg this girl.


she is like the translation queen or something
only her translations are all wrong. LOL!
and she can make things up so fast without blinking you wouldn't know she's joking. LOL!

oh yea, there was a party at our house in Phils on Christmas day!
it was funn! haha

saw a cute guy but turns out he's our cousin -,-
kuya Warloooooo!!
looks like a Korean, and plays piano like Beethoven. haha

had fun that nite. many cousins whom I nvr saw b4 came that nite.
all so cute one! :P

I kept bullying this boy named Arold. hahaha

took this after the party, damn red my face cos we drank beer.


so fun one Philipines.
there's a party almost everyday
we go to diff ppl's house, eat then drink. LMAO

my face after drinking session at idk who's house. lolx

kuya Warloo was there. woooo
I sound drunk now don't I? haha

Kevin, my all time fav cousin :D

idk what else happened in Loboc, my dad's hometown. haha
too much fun things happened there. had a hell lot of fun while I was there :D

went swimming at Panglao beach as well.

the children and grown ups played tug of war.
beer ladies against tanduay ladies.

it was funnehh :D

time flies and by the time we know it, we were on our way back to Manila already :(

when in the van, I turned back and saw Kevin and kuya Vincent there. a tear fell down my face :S


gonna miss them all so much !

big big family of cousins.
a wise cousin of mine once said to me,
"all the cute guys here in Loboc, confirm is our cousin."

and that, folks, is a fact. ;D

received an xmas gift from auntie Edith as well.
well well well, who knew one of them gifts under the xmas tree was for me. eheheh :P


thanks auntie + Ninang Edith! :D

here's dad teaching us how to use the bag.

be sure you're wearing red every time u use it!

this is me

and this is Kobe

and Popcorn!

auntie Edith's dogs. haha
very cute one! :P

and this year's xmas was very special for me.
cos I received a gift from my brother!!

wtf?! hahaha

it's like a miracle okkayys!

I is loving it =P

this is the only pic I manage to take of the driver

see how tall he is compared to dad? haha

and oh, latest 411 on the driver.

*clears throat

I was chatting with kuya Vincent just now,
I told him the driver's cute.

and he told me, the cute driver happens to be married. he has a child.

damn sad wei!!!

I was like laughing and almost crying =.=
common' he looks so young how was I to know he's already married and .. 27.

the hell. 

ok so, moving on!!!

this is the hotel we stayed last nite.
pretty decent I guess, way better than the lodge. :O

and it costs on rm133 per room man. !

okay I"m done with the post. can't believe it took me all day.
gonna go mourn now.


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