Sunday, January 10, 2010


I don't know whether to be happy that I got the old me back, or to pray that this disaster won't cause me to go bankrupt.

 you might be thinking,
" ok... what the hell is she talking about?! "

before 2009, I was a shopaholic.
it's like, I don't save, at all.
(got save lah, but the $$ in the end use for shopping one -__-)

and, I spend money like siao !
be it on unnecessary things (which seemed necessary at the time), Maple cash, magazines, clothes etc.

I felt this weird yet nice undescribable feeling everytime I buy something I really want.

you know, like you see something you simply must have?
so you go home and try to sleep the desire off, but you end up dreaming about it?
till you can't stand it no more and buy it. :D

the feeling of holding that newly bought item in your hands is pure bliss.

I'm sure all the shopaholics out there will agree with me. (:

last year (2009), I changed! D:
if I changed till v pro in saving money maybe nvm lor,
but I still spent money, only this time, it was on food. !!!

not only did I became poor, I became fat as well WTF !!!!

what a lousy deal.
at least I get to walk till my legs hurt while shopping.
and you don't feel hungry when on a shopping spree!
ZOMG shopping is like the best sport ever! :DDDDDDD

too bad it's the most expensive one too. !

grrr so thank goodness this year I changed back again LOL! now is shopaholic again YAY~~ \o/

foodaholic no more! :O ~

and to start off the new year, shopped yesterday. teehee~

this is all Daryl's fault. he has like this huge ass collection of CDs inside his car, which made me wanna have one too !

and so....


bought 6 CDs. hahaha

rm5 each only! damn cheap one wuahaha

you might be saying, "what a waste of money. you can burn the disc yourself what"


proof:  this RM5 ONLY CD damn beautiful one ok!!
when I bought the CD I didn't expect much from it, as long can play can liao.
then when I opened it, walau eh,
the disc is like.. got picture on it one. hahaha


like this one, in case you didn't know what I meant.

so like, an empty CD is maybe rm2? idk how much lah
then you can't print the pic onto the disc ma.
then there's also lyrics.

not worth meh?!

then hor, when I was inside the car, flipping thru the CDs,
I saw these :

3 CDs which I didn't buy.
they gave it to me for free!
so nice, rm5 already damn cheap then free again. haha

plus you can go back to exchange the free CD if you don't like it. I think ?

now that I've bought the CDs, of course I need something to put CDs in right?
so I bought ...


 a CD holder !! :D

a very cute one in fact. eheheh

many many diff designs to choose from, even got Hello Kitty one. 

but I'm not that blind lah. damn hideous one of course I didn't buy it!

hoho I bought the giant Burger!!

when paying the cashier called the other cashier and said,
"eh, u hungry? want to eat burger?"

-___- "

*hungry face* 

" I sure want to! "

"it smells sooooooo good too..."

argh who cares just eat it!

om nomm nomm!!

hahaha! owh well, guess I have to buy myself a new CD putting thing.

oh yea, got a calendar and the timetable thingy for my brothers too!

as I was heading home, suddenly I remembered that the main reason I came all the way to Boulevard was to buy Jibbits.

the hell. 

I spent off so much liao then remembered -___-

so I was reluctant to buy it. but in the end still buy, cos I promised my brother I'll buy for him
PLUS, it's like rm5 each. so cheap. original one bo! hahaha


had to limit myself to 5 T__T
if not I'd really have to beg for money liao :S

ok la so that's it for my shopping 'spree'
not so much also haha

wuuuwuu ! :D

time for some pixxx!!!!
just wanted to show some edited one larhh ! haha

edited using Picnik

muahahha!! love the vampire look
*sinister laugh*

and as you may notice, the pic in my header doesn't really look like me. haha

this made me feel really bad idk why -__-
cos the edited one really dun look like me that much lor =X

so here's the before and after pic.

hoho. cos the b4 pic too dark liao so I edited it
then edit till too, over the top liao. haha

ok lah. that's it from me. :D

bye bye byeeee ♥ !

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