Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'd make a pretty lousy mum ...

Cleo(points up)'s only 5years old and she's dead!!
where have I gone wrong??

I played games with her, bring her for walks (reluctantly), feed her, clean her shitpoop, give her injections and pills whenever she falls sick.
Heck, I even off the lights when she's asleep cos she can't do it herself I don't know why!

after all that,

you left me, your mother, without even a goodbye??!

okayy okayy..
I admit the excitement of having you as my child has worn off a lil' ,
but you should have at least told me how you died!

did you starve to death ?
 sick to death?

bored to death ?
or you simply missed me too much, and died?

or or or
could it be the smell of your poop that cost you your life? cos believe me, it sure stinks.*no offence

no worries, mama will revive you, once I feel like I have nothing better to do being a mother again.


despite my very precious child's death, I still had fun during a night out with Curtini last night. :D

we had dinner at New Thompson
we ordered 5 dishes *yumyumyuummmmm !!!

and there were only 4 of us. ahaha

baby kailan, my fav, then bilin, Pork, Butter milk chicken and Tofu!

all damn yummmy one.

ate till we almost puked :P

after eating, we left for Hai Luo.

in fact, all of the pix were taken there.

it's a really nice place to hang out, last night was my 1st time there, but definitely not my last :D

da jie changed her hairstyle!
did anyone noticed? XP

damn cool lor, haha

me and ah Wee
that day went out with her forgot to take pic, so we took lots last night :P

why I love Hai Luo?

cos there's people singing in front there, and you can make song request one. wuahaha

we damn gebo one lor.

1st was me, I go fill in the paper to request song one.

and I wrote:

"to my nu ren (means 'my girl' in chinese),
must miss us oh, and after listen to the song must cry oh!"

then the guy who sang it read what i wrote, and the way he said it was like sibeh funny lor.
he even paused a while, thinking that he saw wrongly. hahaha

my nu ren. ahahaha

ai ren dun jealous :P 

next, this si Shin Zhi she go and request 3 songs ma. nvm lor,
I didn't know that she put in my name! RAWRR

she wrote in 柯丽典 =,="
then the guy dunno how to read.

finally he got it right, then he said
" ohh I tot is 木可丽典, I tot got Japanese here"



Wee and da jie~

nice pic (:

we spent quite some time there talking, jio-ing camwhoring blablabla

hahaha this pic v funny!

got someone secretly admire me that's why take this pic of me lor *cough

actually I blogged via phone last night but i forgot that nevermind, lazy to explain.
you can read the post here

[remember to ctrl+click]

gonna miss you all T_T

all the best !!

and and and,

Sushi, I miss you! :(

all the best to you too. ^^

pink eyes. hehe!
damn nice I tell you, too bad is photoshopped one.
where to buy pink contacts ar???

going to KL tomorroww!!
time really flies. haven't even packed yet :O

hopefully it'll be a fun and memorable trip. (:
hopefully there won't be any fights, or lost items etc etc.

no drama for my poor heart please. T_T

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