Sunday, October 25, 2009

3rd post!!

wahaha hopefully no one kills me for blogging this many posts all at once ):
lazy add it all into one post bahhh ;D

sort of compensating for my lack of updates as well ^^

Mr Foad's T-shirt!
we were the 1st group to sign on it. woohoo~ ;D

my digi man phone strap broke!

so now, I'm using the piggy (birthday pressie from JAc darling) and and annd!
the cute cute cute lil' penguin !


the penguin so cute larh~ T__T

Peach Melba?

I think.. haha

Alex and Wee.

knot take picture with him one.
whenever u walk close to him, he'll move away

scare we eat u is it???

the sakai presenting!

Crysssyy gave me this Hello Kitty putting contact lens thingy!

♥ her

it even has a mirror in it =D
lovesss ~

dragonfly key chain bought during the moral charity fair.

KC and HTC

stupiak. really stupiak

loook at his hair.

Hello Kitty!

last friday, (more than a week ago... this goes to show how lazy I am to blog )
was our Moral project.

there's this charity fair, where groups sell different things to gather $ to be donated to SCCS,
Sarawak Children Cancer Society.

our group sold fruit juice. haha

it was so hot man -___-
but not bad lar, had fun. sort of. =D

this guy so supportive
he bought 10 glasses of fruit juice.
then drank it one go... but alas, he couldn't take it and vomitted halfway =/

yikes. !

Tze Jing's group's stall was nearby to ours.

theirs very fun one wor~
got provide 'release stress' service!


by throwing water balloons!

at not-so-innocent people whom you love to hurt!

water balloons painful also hor~
don play play!

our big fruit juice selling group~
all in white.

after the event, ate abc with Jac darling.

at my fav abc place.

and last saturday,
went to Wei Ming's house to do the c++ project.

ah Wee!!

had lunch at a new place, so that can blog =D

there's this bakery beside it. woo!

very nice!
the design that is. not much bread inside luhh.
only the design of the place very special.

yummm ~

us camwhoring via the bathroom mirror.

notice someone behind us?
he's cleaning up the special room at the back.
not bad ler...

like you can have a private room all to yourselves. !

PS: 2.56am.
damn tired!!


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