Thursday, October 8, 2009

someone's angry.! hmmm

time really does fly!
can't believe it's already Thursday.... :O!

since people are starting to complain :-

don't trick me into reading your blog!
every time I go to your blog, I leave with frustration.
cos you never update!

*name is changed as person wishes to remain anonymous, NOT!*

before I start this post,

pic of our one and only KC!
sibeh crazy one this guy

we're all addicted to Cafe World, a game on Facebook.
then this guy,
set alarm to wake up in the middle of the night, just so he can serve his food on time!

took some pics with Mr Miller on Monday!
(notice that I actually remembered what day it was?
omigoshhh Cafe World is seriously improving my sense of time! HAHAHA)

woo HAM face!!

Sushi and me.
her shirt so ham ahhh
the pocket shaped like hand one ._.

yay I like this pic!
me and Mr Miller -- the oh so eng tao ECS teacher who happens to also be an angmoh!!

and and, can see my hot pink shoes in the pic leh! haha

3rd of October was my mum's birthday. !
but I dono how old she is ......

me !
see my bangs curly already =(

haix. and I just cut my front hair yesterday.
and it looks fugleh now!

don't worry I'll let you see how I look like NOW at the end of this post.

to celebrate,
we had dinner at Zaika!


my 1st time eating at that restaurant luhh

very shiok

the restaurant belongs to my one of my godmother in Brunei

she gave us discount! ;D
but still expensive larh ._.

dad and mum !
I love this pic, cos they're both smiling in it. haha

dad and mum, ze birthday girl! =P

mum and I!

me and my 2nd brother. haha
cute lah himm ;D
1st time take pic with me without doing all those weird weird action!

youngest brother, eating chili. hahaha

hehe nice dinner we had. (:
more bout the food in the food blog!

after dinner, went home.

cakes await! ;DDD

bought by uncle Andrew

not one, but...


bought these cakes from SR.
hoohoo ~

sorry can't remember the names of the cake

but we enjoyed eating them


after that,
went outside and played with some lanterns since haven't fully disgested yet!

also, uncle bought Sushi from Brunei! wahahaha

so shiok arrhhh ~!

mum with the birthday cake!

more sushiissss

on the way to church the next day,
mum changed into her new wallet in the car.

glad that she liked the pressie!

bling bling for that day!

[damn painful luhh when putting the original earrings back in T_T]

this hair haven't cut yet
miss my old hair... =(

after church,
last minute called Jac darling and dated her out!

went to Chung Hua's food fair, along with my bro as well.

he had rm30 worth of tickets, shared some with us!

and guess what??
we found this Hello Kitty ! !
so cute ahhh!!


darling so good luhh, bought for me, using bro's ticket! HAHA

but still, lovess it!!! =P

then, visited Doris dear and Kri laopo at their stalls too!


something shocking happened ahhh!
when I searching for Doris dear,
guess who I Saw??

none other than Mr Tie Ee HAu lerhhh!

I was like,

mouth wide open ahh! haha

cannot believe it's really him! ;P

after a while, we went Parkson

watched The Ugly Truth,
staring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl.


hooohoooooooo ;DDDDDD


bought socks also. haha
wanted to play bowling, but in the end not enough time ._.
that's it I guess? haha

ate at Snow City after movie.
saw darling's ex.
wowowow damn hot sia

this pic.... one eye big one eye small. haix! ):
dunno what wrong with my right eye lah!
take pic always look weird one T~T

hehehe time for some pics from school! :-

Sushi eating Cloud 9!
da jie dono doing what there.. haha

looks drunk !

laughing and CY, act emo kia. haha

CY and ah Weee

SZ and da jieee

laughing and Wee

so happy hor da jie. haha

and and and,
BABE, this part for you!! ;DD

(yes, YOU, not other babe ! haha)

your fav, W995!

live model ohhh =P

dun worry, not mine

celebrated Jac darling's birthday too! ;D
it was supposed to be a surprise,
then blablabla in the end not surprise anymore. haha

but darling did get a surprise that night! ;)

hehe --- she met her sexyy !

Holo Shake and Strawberry shake.
darling ordered tequila too! haha

shiok betul ._.

this is darling with her super large marinara pizza.

she kept saying she's gonna eat it all up


I actually believed her -,-

in the end she didn't even manage to finish one slice of it!

birthday cake! ;D

Chocolate Indulgence, darling's fav, from Secret Recipe.

you say, high maintainance or not? !


"I wish I had all the money in the world hohoho"

cut cut cut!

picture of the day:-


oh yea, received a super belated birthday gift as well! haha

from none other than Jac darling! :D

Hello Kitty stickers! haha

cute cute HK brooch

Pink tedddyy !

haha this one also sibeh cute one!

a PINK pig with my fav number on it!
hahaha ;D

and as promised, a pic of my current hair.


self cut one ohh ! LOL

till now still not confirm whether I should straighten my hair with ah wee tomorrow or not. haixxx!!


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