Thursday, March 18, 2010

lucky no more

i've always thought of myself as a happy-go-lucky kind of person.
and i must admit, i am lucky most of the time.
every time do work at the last minute, but in the end results blablabla still presentable.
honestly, i don't know what i'm doing right now. i mean seriously, engineering?  not my type of shit.

i got lucky all these while. having friends who help me in everything. from telling me what class i have to attend the next day, or special announcements in the uni website which i'm always too lazy to check myself, to important stuffs like due dates of assignments/quizs/etc.

i've been spoonfed all these while and it made me very needy. if no one told me what to do, then i won't have a clue of what's going on.  how screwed up can i be??  :(

"and the world keeps spinning and she keeps on winning, but tell me, what happens when it stops?"
 Lucky-Britney Spears

and yes, i'm starting to feel that my luck is fading away....
i don't get what i want anymore. i can't even find a decent parking space!  nahh i was never lucky in this field -_-

sometimes i think to myself.. 'don't expect too much and you'll get it'. and sometimes, i do. but now.... it's different. everything's different. *sigh

i can feel it already. bye bye luck, i can't depend on you anymore. i have to do things myself. i have to work my ass off just like everybody else. no more using the easy way out. !  D:

and truth be told, i don't think i can handle it :(
pressure, stress, back stabbers. i've never been back stabbed before, not that i know of actually. it's kinda scary in a way.. :S
i just hope this year i'll get lucky (please just a lil more luck for me :3) and not get involved in such beeyotch-ness.

it's amazing how some people can do something so evil behind your back, then pretend as if nothing ever happened at front. but then again, i might be wrong. *shrugs

luck oh luck~ come back to me please. T3T !!

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