Thursday, March 11, 2010

i'm funnnny ~

2nd week of school. can't say i'm doing extremely well. 
but i'm still alive, right?? :P 

degree life is really busy busy busy.
i have no idea how the lecturers are, so damn ginteo must do at least (more like maximum) one tutorial question before class.
this year i really changed alot, (or so i'd like to think).

i'm actually on time, most of the time!
i do my tutorial questions, which is wayy better than last time (didn't even touch).
[one question is better than none! :P]

more importantly, i actually paid attention during lecture and tried my best to understand. 
*proud face*

so for once in my life (you do know i'm exaggerating right? i'm not that screwed), i actually understood what the lecturer was saying! part of it actually. but that's not the point!! 

anyways, this is so not the reason i'm blogging. idk why i'm blogging in the first place -_-
just suddenly had the urge to blog, but unfortunately, had nothing interesting to say  :(

quite sad today...
mainly because I saw the list outside Student Services, not sure whether it's the scholarship list or not. i think it is? 
didn't kena lor :(( 

bye bye E72. hello starving-myself-just-to-save-money-to-buy-a-new-phone. 

don't think i can resist not shopping though =/ 

 told mum just now, i think she's sad. disappointed? idk.. or maybe i'm the one who's sad and disappointed. feel like i let her down.. and dad too.. 
omg.. i'm sure he'll be disappointed too :( 

that's the reason i'm sad. i guess?

and idk what's wrong with me nowadays. 
i keep seeing my former #1 the past few days, he's really very handsome lor. omg. 
i'm even calling him handsome, not 'eng tao

he's just so.... hmmm. how to say? 
i've never seen anyone this attractive before. HAHAHA << (I LOL-ed after typing it WTF)
handsome, then attractive. what word will i use to describe him next?  ROFL

and every time i see him i just can't look away!
even i don't know why. so yes, he caught me staring a few times already. =.=
i was practically gawking at him. imagine. 

i'm a stalker and a gawker. wtf 

ok lah enough talk bout this guy. he's taken. SO SAD LOR WALAU. i can't even drool at him without my conscience nagging at me telling me it's wrong cos of the obvious fact which i just pointed out a few seconds ago - he's taken. 

at least he's not married?


well said. !



sorrow sorrow go away~~

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