Sunday, March 21, 2010

let me emo can?

rah rah ah ah ah
roma roma-ma 
gaga melo ooh la la~

want your bad romance~ 

 i'm feeling down baby are you down down down down down` right now idk why :(
hais. i think i'm having a case of low-self-esteem syndrome or something
every time i look in the mirror i turn away, 

i want to be that girl, who looks perfectly pretty no matter what. 
when the wind blows damn strongly, you look at her and her messy hair, still pretty.
when it rains suddenly and she's soaking wet, still pretty.

when she walks down the road and lets out a loud fart, people go: woah it can't be her, i'm sure it's the fat girl behind her. 

get what i mean? beautiful people get away with everything.
but no.. i'm not that girl. and i never will be, unless i go for liposuction and plastic surgery from top to bottom. so yeh, you get the picture. 

it's just so hard to fucking love myself when i don't even like how i look. it's so sad sometimes. especially 'cause everyone around me are gorgeous. (seriously, wtf) 
i really need a whole lot of confidence to survive D: 

is there like a pill for such a purpose?

which reminds me. while driving on the road the other day, there was this car that drove so effing close to my car's ass. ! 
i saw it zooming in from the rear view mirror, it had no intention to stop ._. 
but i couldn't drive forward anymore cos there's a car in front of me! 

so i was thinking, wtf 'll happen if he/she hits me? RAWR!! 
after awhile, he overtook me. 
i was damn pissed lor at the time. so i glared at him. 
to my horror, the driver's head was like slanting backwards, so like looking at me also. 

at that time i was like,
hello???? you drive so close still dare glare at me????? !! 


damn pissed. and scared also lah HAHA! what if the samseng stop and kill me or something? T3T rofl

anyways, i noticed that after overtaking me, the car drove quite slow compared to how he drove when behind me. WTF 
really buay song lor!!! 

then suddenly, my phone rang. 
i checked and saw "you have 1 missed call"


guess who???

Daniel Shawn Caroll 

i knew right then and there it was him liao lor. but knot confirm also lah. 
then the car's driving on the slow lane liao. i wanted to check whether it was him, but didn't manage cos he was driving closer and closer to my lane. ! 
i ginteo so i fast fast overtake him. LOL 

then ah the asshole (yes i called you an asshole IN YOUR FACE) drove to my lane, so he's behind me again. 

then as before, drove so near to me -_- 
then he over took me, so now he's beside my car. i turned to look, and sure enough, it was Dan. 

with his window down, and flashing me his 2 rows of white teeth. wtf
reli gek dao lor =.=" 

hahaha damn funnny too! 
he said he saw me glare at him HAHAHA! 
funny. and i thought that i was safe cos my car was tinted  D:

haha so true. i'm feeling much better already (: 

the next time i'm feeling low on self esteem, i'll read back on this post. ahaha! :P

one more thing before the end

in the car with bro:-

bro: will you ever marry someone who smokes?

me: no

bro: what if he is millionaire leh?

me: still no.

bro: zillionaire? trillionaire?

me: O.O i'll think about it. 

bro: what if the first day he buy you diamond necklace...
then second day buy you a pack of cigarettes.
then third day he buy you BMW. 


-______________________________________- " 

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