Sunday, March 14, 2010

remember this?

oh my.. life's so so boring nowadays. nothing interesting ever happens! D: (nowadays) 
other than the fact that i totally screwed up my front hair (i'm a walking coconut), there's nothing more to blog bout. =[ 

however, as i was scrolling thru the pix inside my phone, all them memories kept coming back. hehe. 
so imma share them pix ! since the past few months have been wayyy fun-er then now. =3= 

note: all pix are arranged alphabetically. 
yeah right. 

ok firstly, 

*big fat sighhh* 

i miss my long hair. messy so what! it's better than being a coconut :( !!

remember the fun fair long long ago? hehe
Wee and I sat on the spinning thingy and witnessed the dancers dancing in the middle. :O
i was starstruck-ed and just had to take a pic with the guy.

and we did! :D

jogging with Vian! ahh~ we only jogged together a few times. and every time we do, i would laugh like siaoo! cos she's really too funny!

1st time went out with Chels! she damn shy one luhh ._. 
Jac and I did most of the talking. ahaha. i still remembered, it was quite funny. we three damn paiseh one, cinema someone chia, then mcFlurry someone chia, and something else, someone chia  ~.~

then when the others offered to pay, nobody wanna accept the $$. -_-

BryGoh wearing my shades. 1st HK slippers, now this. tsk tsk tsk. 

Pujut 2 ABC place!!

long time didn't go already! I MISS IT T_T 

bro! haha d: 

bro posing with new(back then) hamster cage!

visiting at Noorul darling's house. 
it was so long ago :O~ 

Father Stan rally with Jac darling. 
she looked so pure back then. ahaha 

we bought this when shopping during the break. 

Sing K with Curtini!!!
miss this T.T 

haha who could forget my famous pic with Chen Yi Ru :P
caused such a riot in FB -_- 

traffic light day! ahaha 

this one, hair damn straight cos we both just straightened. ahh if only my hair's still this straight :3

found my bro's lookalike (they look alike, right??) in a party! haha 

omg miss my favorite teacher! *cough
see i'm smiling so happily arr.. haha!!!

see, even KC also wanna dapao her home. 

hoho. you better not forget this, Crysteaaaaa!!!
our 2nd date! wakaka. you went all the way to buy that dream bag of yours. 

Daryl Soon!! you look really good in this two pics lor. remember to say thank you to the photographer ahh. *COUGH*

San, Do and Phoebe's hand! :P 
1st time i met her in real life. very friendlyyy (: 

went to the beach with Doreen, Manda they all.  it was funnnn xD

oh and who could forget Karen's birthday celebration at Pizza Hut! 
what with the unstoppable burning candles and all. hahaha

definitely unforgettable ! :P

haha the cute choir guy ! 
just my luck i got to take a pic with him at the Halloween partayyy ;D 

1st time eating ABC late late at night lor. haha plus with my leng lui airen kok! 


awwww who could forget the time spent in PHILIPINESS!!! :D
(trying to) sleeping  in the lodge. and the long long journey! 

adorable brotherss! :D 

and cousins! 

ahhh i miss them all. 

i also miss drinking til my face got all red like THIS. ! 
oh did i mention it's party party and MORE party everyday ??

LOL! i love Christmas xD

sadly i didn't get drunk. my cousin said she'll make sure i get drunk the next time. wahaha. can't wait :P 

ooh~~ i miss my beloved driver too!! 

only to have my heart crushed when i found out he was married with kids. FML

but thinking back on this really kinda funny lor. hahaha

youngest bro and his friend. they're sooooooo cute!!

Kri laopo's birthdayy at Pong's. 
nice pic took by ME! wuahaha

Sanjeet being all retard-ish hahaha!


after Phils, it was KL trip all the way babyyy ! ;D
had so much fun with Awhyo (: 

celebrated SS's birthday in Krispy Kreme 

Jac darling went too!! heeee~

hohoho~~ I met my maple babe there too!! shiok bo?? :P 

om nom nom tried Haagen Daaz ice cream. and Baskin Robbins(spell correct anot? haha) too!

Louis Vuitton supermodel ---- Karen Ung!! :D

Karen and I, inside KLCC.
shop shop shopp~~

haha Awhyo car exhibition 

met Wee after idk how long! hahaha. (after KL trip i think)
was wearing the Rainbow lens in this pic.
knot see properly one -_-

tall tall tall short

haha Awhyo made me this on my birthdayy.! loveeee it!!! <3

this one! celebrated Valentine's [2009] (i still remember hehehe) with Karen babe and also my bro! haha
it was nice of them to accompany me do a certain something.

thanks guys ! really appreciate it

3 leng lui's working for Celcom! ahaha 

hardly have any pic of HH. so imma post this up :P 

remember the flood in Miri? omg so scary. Karen and I were shopping when our parents called asking us to be careful cos it was raining damn hard. 
but we had no idea it was raining this hard -___- 

flood till so cham! :O 

kik kik kik

Phua Chu Kang in Curtin! hahaha!!

Bean Bean!! ahhh i miss you so much T.T

lazy hamster this BeanBean.. haha *shakes head* 

and now that BeanBean's gone...

i have this cute little fella to kacau :P

but still, he's not like Bean Bean :( 
Bean Bean was special, irreplaceable in a way. love youu!!

he actually pee-ed in my hand once! ahaha. omgg 
plus he's so so fat, and even when i take him out, he'll move around for awhile, then after awhile he'll just stop moving, cos he's so lazy!!

just like me! OMG no wonder i love him so much (: 

RIP BeanBean. i still love you.
always will

last but not least 

spot the rainbow kid. ROFL

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