Monday, March 29, 2010

site visit

went to a site visit last saturday. (yesterday yesterday)
almost missed the bus -_- wtf. which wouldn't exactly be a bad thing, come to think of it

dreaded this visit ever since the date was announced. but alas, attendance was compulsory, *sigh* so i had to go :((

it was damn hot!! the bus ride was damn long!! i didn't had enough sleep the night before!! plus my stomach was grumbling cos i didn't had time to eat breakfast.!!

all in all, a bad start to a bad day. teehee~

we were supposed to take lots and lots and lots and lots of pix for the report which we will have to write and hand in idk when!! RAWRRR!! 

why must we write a report on everything???

i shouted to Ing to look at me when taking this pic, totally forgetting that the person was explaning to the group right beside me -___- 

he looked at me as if i lost it. and i looked at him as if nothing happened and walked away. hah! :D 

managed to take a pic of KC acting all girl-ish (as always) too.
these were the only four pix i took during the whole trip. and i'm serious. wonder how i'll write the report. haahaha! 

probably have to smuggle into another group's site visit so i can retake the pix. YEAH RIGHT. 

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