Saturday, May 15, 2010

i can see it in your eyes

yuhoo~ i am back with an update!
i know i should be doing my assignments and all, plus needa rush to school later on to continue building the damn bridge (stupid project).
other than that, i have maths lab assignment, materials lab report due tuesday! and efpc log file due thursday. FML

can i like, break down and cry?


 nevertheless, yesterday was a fun fun day !
finally got my bling bling glasses !
 bought them online with Crystal's help. ^-^

nice right nice right?

 sadly, my face is too big so wear the glasses kinda tight. FTS

neways, had lunch with Wee somewhere opposite imperial. then we headed to Parkson. bought blings and left. lol !
ahem. the blings not for me okay. gonna help Rohit bling his phone on Monday!

(hahaha are the emoticons cute or what? :P)

headed to my place. did the maths online quiz. wtf why the questions getting harder and harder. *sad*
we squeezed our brain juice til we had none left, then headed to the workshop to repair the light in Wee's car. i think? haha

while waiting, we walked to the house opposite cos it's Wee's aunt's house. played with her aunt's dog.

ZOMG the dog is so cute can! last time damn ganas kept barking when see me.
but yesterday i went, she loved me even more than she loves Wee. MUAHAHA!!

and she got a whole lot fatter too. ahaha~

this cousin of Wee is so cute!
i was gonna say age is not an issue to me but he's 11 years younger than me. WTF

ah Wee!! really getting prettier liao. ;D
cos got 爱情的滋润. HAHAHAHA!!

after all that, we had dessert at Desserts!
wasn't that satisfied with the flavours i chose though T_T
AND, Wee witnessed the worker eat the ice cream then used the same spoon to get another flavor. eew much??

then at night, headed to the novena at cathedral. met up with Jac darling. :)
took some pics of the glasses together.
and we came to a conclusion that we look damn ham with the glasses. hahaha!!

then we went to Ming's. (again lol!)
sadly no Roti Banana. boohoohoo =(
i ate Puri and Jac had Roti Bom. ZOMG Roti Bom is so nice. i'm so gonna eat that next time. :]

oh yea. finally saw her bf in the flesh. hahaha!!
and they so funny lor. really cute couple. =D

Terry i hope u go blind seeing these pics. muahahaha :D

hais. how come i'm feeling sleepy when it's assignment time? ahaha~

Hello (Lionel Richie)  sang by Glee cast , is.fucking.awesome. !! 


Joan said...

i actually saw the blinged glasses in a shop in bintang leh. thought you bought yours from there. lol

MeLo♥ said...

haha no larr. bought them online :D
but hor the ones in the shop sell cheaper. -.- what the!! PISSED

Joan said...

lol. -.- always go out but never observe la. LOL. funneh~ :D

MeLo♥ said...

ahemm. always stay at home ma. T_T