Friday, April 30, 2010

my source of happiness

here's the thing:
i stopped pressuring myself to save for a new phone. so this whole week, i needn't worry about not having enough money to spend because i must save a certain amount.

no more watching other people licking their ice creams while all i can afford to lick is the sweat off my face.
no more stopping myself every time i want to buy something because now, i have all the money in the world to spend!

do you know how it feels?


i've never felt this happy in a long long time.
i mean yeah i've had happy days, but the happiness i get from spending is 'special'.

i feel free. untied. i don't know? i just hate the feeling of having to stop myself from being happy.
and in this case, being happy means spending money.

thus, if i continue to save for the damn phone, then i would have to sacrifice my money spending so i can do some money saving.


 being happy = spending money

if money spending decreases, then being happy decreases too.
              who would want that, right?


so imma make myself happy again later on today by buying myself Prawn Mee for lunch. then ice cream after. ^-^
in your face! (suckers who can't afford ice cream cos you have to save for a new phone!!)
*evil laugh*

 Kim Hyung Jun (right)
my other source of happiness. teehee~ <3

-update- !!

Terry, being considerate about my feelings? i'm in awe.

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