Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the little things matter. yes, they do.

today wasn't a good day for me. was suddenly so so depressed at the end of the day, even i don't know why. *sigh
i guess it's just one of those days. y'know?

p/s i don't know why my face is so red in the pic above  .___. !

  • it's getting late yet i don't feel like sleeping. my stomach is growling and i feel like eating but there's nothing to eat. boohoohoo :( 
  • i miss awhyo! i want to meet them now now now!!! 
  • so maybe i'm not feeling any better after all :(( 
  • i still feel guilty for what happened today.
  • am i a hypocrite for posting smiling pictures of myself when in fact i.am.not.smiling.at.all ? 
  • addicted to the song '新不了情' sang by 萧敬腾 !  
  • fed up with the fucked up internet connection!! FTS
  • i miss my happy self. seems like just this morning i was laughing like crazy, yet that happiness seems so out of reach now.. 


on a happier note, met up with Sushi and SZ on Sunday! they're having their school hols now.
glad to meet them.. hehe. really miss them both alot :S
had dinner at Mr Ho's. our whole JR gang went. luckily i made it too.

as usual, tonnes of juicy gossips from both of them lor. made us all laugh like mad.
the food was not bad as well! especially the pork from Sushi's mixed grill. haha!! that piece of pork really made a huge impact on my taste buds ;P

after dinner, we went to Dessert for ice cream. so wanted to wallop all them ice cream but screw my stomach, it was bloated after dinner. *SAD*
so we goof-ed around there, camwhored as well. ~

had a wonderful time with them. (:
enjoy the pics !

i lol-ed at my expression in the #3 pic (from the bottom). ;p

P.S. :
tomorrow!! tomorrow ! :)
i can't wait already. <3

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