Monday, April 19, 2010

i'm stupid

because i am a fool
the only thing I think about is you
but I know that you are thinking about somebody else
and you probably dont even know my heart

I probably don't exist in your daily life
And i'm sure you have no thoughts of me
But for me, I spend my days thinking about you
And my tears keep falling

Just looking at you walk past is happiness to me
Even if you don't know my feelings
Even if you simply brush me aside

In those days when I desperately want to see you
Those days that are so hard to bear
My mouth wordlessly repeats I love you

Alone once again I cry for you
Alone once again i'm missing you
Baby I love you
i'm waiting for you

bye bye, never say goodbye
even though I cannot hold you like this
I need you, I cannot say anything more,
I want you
I keep on hoping, I’ll keep hoping….

Baby, i’m waiting for you, I love you

Because I'm Stupid - SS501

i know the song's old. but the lyrics are sad. and i love sad love songs
damn. sure emo every time i hear this song!! 

honja dasi tto crying for you,        (alone once again i'm crying for you,
honja dasi tto missing for you.               alone once again i'm missing you. )


paraedo dasi paraedo                      (i'll keep on hoping, keep on hoping...)

walau i love these two parts! <3 
too bad nobody to emo over. *SAD* 

lately i'm really addicted to Kim Hyung Jun lor.. 
whole day spent watching his videos on youtube. wtf 
is that the cause of my eye infection? cos hell no i won't stop watching his vids even if it's the only way to cure my eye.! 

and and, i actually recorded a video of Kim Hyung Jun saying "我爱你" (i love you)! 
in a totally cute way and used it as my message ringtone.. hahaha!! 
he's pretty good in english ler. and he can even play the piano. WALAU! 
why so talented?? D: 

here's a video of Kim Hyun Joong performing the song solo. (take note of the name, it's not the same person okay) 

not bad larh. though slightly out of tune at certain areas, but who am i to judge? 
got one part he sang wrongly. haha 
and he smiled and apologized . so cuteeeeee ! 
watch it if you have nothing better to do.. hohoho

i'm off to bed. nights people! (: 

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