Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the 3 musketeers ;D

feeling damn tired nowadays. why ah??

anyways, i found out the secret to being happy.!! - don't give a damn. (:
that's how.
must care also lah, just don't care too much. teehee~

Sunday, Jac , Bobby and I went to Parkson. settle someone something. ;D
had lunch at McD.
got movie to watch lor, if you know what i mean.

we got ourselves tattoos! seemed cool at the time, cos Bobby said it lasts 2 weeks.
guess what, second day i woke, it's already smudged. wtf. =.=!

as we all know, Parkson damn boring lor. so walk awhile jiu nothing to do liao :(

so we had abc at Pujut 2!! =D
i even saw da jie's sister there. haha!! woots <3

lazy rotate = neck exercise for youu :P

dad said something funny to me before i left the house that day.
he said:" uknow ar, when you stand beside Jac ah you look so big, cos she's so small size. tell you what larh. you should find another friend who's bigger than you, then you stand close to her."


and guess what? i really did!! ROFL
Bobby Tie! wuahaha. our third member.

we helped him bling his phone too. rofl.
now all three of us have pink+bling phones. wtf wtf  \m/

i blinged the back!!

darling blinged the front!

then i said, "har.. then when i buy E72, not same with you two liao lor" :(

then darling said, "aiya, we also go buy black and nokia phone lar!!"

aww so sweet lar. haha =P

just some more pics before i end this. really tired +_+

why am i so ham?

notice anything different? wuahaha ~


my act cool face.
not edited ok!! ;D
 the sunlight ngam ngam at the sunglasses there. rofl

love this pic. haha!

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