Saturday, April 24, 2010

roti banana

ahhh~~ i went to Ming Cafe again just now! with my familyyyy ~ excluding mum though, she's busy with LSS.
her being busy was the reason we went to Ming's in the first place :P

i went there the day before and i had Roti Banana. it's my fav !
then just now, i ordered the same thing. wuahahahhaha <3

i gave dad one mouth, and he said 'omg it's so good i'm gonna order one more!'
so i ate some of his roti banana even though i was bloated already at that time. wakaka

and somehow the orders were messed up and in the end one more roti banana came! (wtf blessing from heaven)
so we dapao-ed it and brought it back.

and after consuming all that banana, i am now slightly cuckooooooo =.=" 

what is it about this 'roti banana' that keeps me coming back for more?

well as you can see... *points up*

it is oh so delicious that i ate it from this pic. yumms ! <3

aiya, sorry lah no pic for you all. never see roti telur before meh??
it's the same, just replace the 'telur' (egg) with banana.

after eating, dad eyed the empty dishes on the table, and said
"okay let's all run to the car."



and after that wonderful dinner, dad suggested that we 'exercise' in Parkson.
i just knew that he was eye-ing something. if not why so nice bring us all there.
and sure enough,
he brought us to the watch shop to check out his watch.

sadly, he fell out of love with the watch he saw the other day.
luckily, his beloved daughter (ME) was present and spotted an even more awesome-r watch for him!!
sadly, the watch costs rm4k ++

but don't worry it's definitely worth it. cos the watch is so nice (:
and i know you're rich daddy wtf so go ahead spend that money and make yourself happy!! wootsss !!
i think mum'll kill me if she ever finds out that i chose that watch for dad. T_____T

okayy another reason why i'm happy!

our new mouse!! woottsss <3
it's so beautiful. :O !

and while choosing, saw EeXin, Nicole and their friend. :O!!
damn damn shocked. haha!! i think Eexin called me.
i seriously can't recall, i must have passed out.

it's soooooo gorgeous <3
its surface even shines like diamond under the light. ZOMGGG just like Edward Cullen's skin when under the sun. HAHA!!

i shall name my mouse Edward. -___- what the hell. i'm losing my mind. i think i forgot to take my medication today. hahaha~

yuhoo~~ i'm so happy nothing can piss me off ;D
not even if you steal all my Orchids in BarnBuddy wtf!!
(don't you dare steal my orchids! *threatens)

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