Thursday, April 8, 2010

the fringe is back!

the past few days were great for me. (:
except for a few emotional breakdowns. no biggy. *fakes big smile*

let's start with Holy Week.
(hopefully by the end of this post i'll feel much much better.) 

 Good Friday - alot of cars! parked so so far and had to walk all the way T~T
my bro looks so cute with the bag. ahaha~~

mum was baptized during Easter Virgil. hehe!!
she's the most left one, still moving and not so ready. rofl

Michael(left). the cute boi! ;D with my bro.
woooooo he's really so cute larrhhh. i'd so date him if it weren't for the huge age gap. hahaha
okayy i was joking. he's cute in a i-wanna-pinch-your-cheeks-cute-boy! way. if you know what i mean.

haiy~ wanted to take a side view pic of my bro, but he turned.

ordered dim sum during breakfast. celebration for Easter Sunday! :D

super duper cute cousin!! <3

on Monday, went out with Jac darling!
had abc first, with my best friend, ah Dick and Louis. awkwardddd!! lmao

after that, we went to Parkson. walked around. exercise bah ;D
she bought some bling,
then we sat at McD while ze pro bling-er *cough cough* helped her bling her phone. wuahaha

this part was done by me!  (don ki siao, this one is ready made, not i go design oh. i just cut only. rofl)
and darling bling-ed the front part herself.

she even bling-ed her violin -___-
creative bo? ahaha~

ate Roti Banana at Ming's too. zomg i love Ming's ;D
so many hot ang moh's there. wakaka.

obviously i still have much to improve on, but the point is - i actually managed to stick it on!! WTF
at long last!!!! \m/

-i got my fringe back!! yayyy (hence the title :P) -

on Tuesday, went hill climbing / hiking with my beloved awhyo <3
it was fun!!

gonna go with them again soon. i hope! ;D

Wednesday - went out with Wee, CY, Kelly, Zheng Wern and Hong Boon!! haha.
damn fun. spent so much money T.T

here's what happened:

  • ate Happy Meal --> got the Hello Kitty toy which is totally adorable woots
  • laughed and got bullied by all others present due to reason mentioned above. 
  • bra hunting.
  • wallet hunting.
  • man hunt JOKE! totally didn't check out guys just now. ;D *angel halo* 
  • bought the Hello Kitty wallet i saw when i went to Parkson with Jac. !!
  • walk around with big smile plastered on face. 
  • Kelly said she'll call me Kitty instead of Melo. haha!!
*legs start to get tired*

  • blablabla
  • blabla
  • bla
  • dinner at Pete's. 
  • camwhored in car. 
  • home! 
  • choir practice with Jac darling!! ahaha. it was FUN. (: and scary at the same time T.T

picsss time :D

not clear one. cos it was already 6pm++ when we took this. looks bright after editing nia :D

hello kitty ring!! hahaha

my tired face!!

love this toy. when u press the button, the McD sign will light up! WOO~

cute-nesssss !

yesss!! my prized possession. <3
damn happy that i bought it. but sadly i found a ink stain just now!!
tried wiping it using toner and makeup remover. jeng jeng, wrong move!! now it's smudge. -__- wtf
that's the reason for my sudden emo-ness. hahaha!!

but i'm alright now :D
I STILL LOVE YOU!! my precious~~ <3
i'll love you with all my heart until something better comes along. muahaha!!

i loook so happy~~ aahhaha !! yayyyy <3

i'm in love again. woohoohoo~

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