Sunday, April 18, 2010


yay~ finally done editing the pix (stolen from my airenn :P)
so yeah, be ready for a huge wave of pix in this post. !! wooots \m/

and since my ai ren already uploaded the pix on FB and some on her blog as well, i edited all the pix so that they won't seem the same. hehe


we dined at the very famous Excapade Sushi in Brunei.
many things happened during the trip, frustrating + scary + funny all at the same time. -__-

firstly, we all waited for PL to arrive.! waited damn damn long. all 4 of us girls were pissed. damn pissed.
everyone scolding him in our msgs. hahaha!

luckily managed to change our reservation time.
so we rushed. didn't really know the way, had to turn back some more +_+
ai ren's car hit dao so many bumps. :(
and can feel she so stress too. hais.

but thank goodness we managed to arrive there 7pm sharp ;D

unlucky event no.2 - when we arrive, no electricity. wtf
the electricity kept going on and off. but luckily didn't affect the place we were sitting.
and we were even told all the food that need electricity to make are unavailable!
so had to cancel my Honey Dew Milk Tea!!

but after awhile electric back liao. haha and i saw the table beside us ordering this huge drink. looks yummy too. so i ordered that ;D

Rocky Road $4.

we ordered sushi and sashimi set, $50 first. then while waiting, we kept drooling over the menu, in search of other yummy sushi's to eat!!

the menu's so drool-able right?! ehehe (must thank my pro editing skills too wakakaa)

"this one looks nice hor!" *stomach growls*
"ya lor ya lor."

"walauu this one also damn nice!! "
"aiya, order all lah." 


spot the Oscar winner in this pic! hahaha!! :P

in the end, we ordered more than our stomachs can fill.
oh, money also ngam ngam spend all. haha!!

but damn, we were happy.
while waiting for the food, we kept taking photos *cough
talk cock-ing and what not. but we all damn good lah, we made peace with PL. heehee~

check out the size of the sushi sashimi set. :O !!

more pix. haha

while eating, suddenly a table started singing the birthday song. so we all joined in. ROFL
after singing we all screamed and clapped our hands. lol lol

then when that table done, suddenly another table start singing again .__.
not sure whether they were mocking the table before, or really got a birthday celebrant in that table too!

haha ok lah. enough pics of us!
i know you want to see the food, right?? hehehe.
and i've mentioned in Twitter. whoever see the pics will definitely drool!! wuahahhaa

wasabi. don really like wasabi T.T
but if we don't eat it with the sushi worms will grow in our brain. *SAD

sushi sashimi set - close up.

our pizza!! $5 only ler.
damn damn yummy!!!!


our deserts!

chocolate ice cream

and macha ice cream, + fruit cocktails.
hehe. damn greedy lor us. haha

we finished eating at 9pm. hoho~ then decided to head home. we were already running late lor. custom closes at 10pm.
kinda risky to leave so late, like what if they close early? :S

so we were in a hurry to get our fat asses home. but the cashier damn slow!!
all our orders need to double check again. waste our time. and they canceled my drink at first, but they still charged us for it. luckily we found out and told them.

but we only realized that they charged us extra for something we didn't order inside the car. :(
too bad we didn't had time. haha
if not can watch Susan scold the cashier. rofl

the roadtrip home was kinda scary. it was raining a lil'
and there was thunder + lighting D:
i even saw the lightning move. wtf!!!
damn scary. T.T

but we made it home safely (:
Praise the Lord. hehe



went to sing K at RexBox.
actually, i didn't plan on going sing k with my lovers. cos really ginteo le bah. scare my parents kill me.
but i went out, cos i thought they changed the plan to yam teh at Yong Le. -___-

suddenly change plan. wtf. haha

left home at 10pm, i think mum wanted to kill me. *gulps.
dad didn't know cos he wasn't home.
and guess what, i sing K with them til 2am. hahaha!!

happy happy (:

arghh. no photo of all of us together. D:

the only good thing bout Rex Box is the background. damn nice for photoshooting.
other than that...

service sucks.
song machine sucks.


but owh well. haha. we had fun scolding the people there anyways. wuahaha!
okayy not we, just Susan and Kri. LOL!

my ai renn ordered this. hais!! bad influence on us all lar *shakes head*





drunk tards! hahaha.
Doris Ting wasn't really drinking lor! damn pro at acting arh her. hahaha

and Susan's actually saying that this is her first time drinking beer. PUI! ;D

my laopo~
damn chio of course. cos is my laopo. hahaha!!

me and my ai renn! got sweet dao hor. xD

PL and Doris.
look like couple eh wtf!! HAHAHA Doris Ting don kill me T_T

and this,


went site visit early in the morning. 830am. supposed to be 730am but postponed, ! muahaha

visited LAKU.
kept waiting for the shuai ge in my group (oops did i just say that out loud?) to come. but he didn't!!
ahhh!! T.T

sad lol!
the candle of hope burning brightly deep in my heart immediately blew out (terry teach me one rofl)
i was devastated, and life seemed hopeless and cruel and and well, sad. ...

til another shuai ge entered the bus that is. HAHAHA

okay ignore me. i was high that day idk why. damn crazy. keep laughing =.=
must be something in the 'you cha kueh'

took this while walking. WTF
couldn't stop laughing after seeing the face. HAHA
Katty laughed with us. lol lol

and the hell, i never knew i was this short lor!!
til Wee's eyes only T____T

this is somewhere in LAKU.
looks like swimming pool hor the sedimentation tank(i think?)

so ham. ZZZ
let me die please T_T

and just as i was bragging to Susan telling her that mum and dad didn't scold me for staying out late the night before,
dad knocked on our (my bro and I) doors, and ordered us to go downstairs to have 'a talk'.
 you know what happens after that.
sad case.


but after all that scolding, mum and dad are in a super good mood today O_O
brought us shopping even. !
and I saw Mr Roy there. haha

and my left eye is swelling. :((
don't know what happened.
might be cos my contacts are old, or i saw something i shouldn't have. D:

had pudding with Wee in Bou. and kaya balls.

nice!! (:

i'm happy. hehehehehe

feel like tinting my car though, seeing as how the weather is damn effing hot!! ughhh

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