Wednesday, April 7, 2010


hahaha love them! <3

woohooo. i'm feelin hyper after yesterday's hill climbing :0 ~~

it's like all the days before i keep feeling drowsy. after i wake up, eat, sit in front of computer, then i *yawnnnn.

ahahhaa. everyday same routine. complaining that i'm tired 24/7.
but after exercise, WOOOO rejuvenated straightaway ;D
so my tiredness wasn't because of not seeing enough hot guys ahem ahem

yay going out with Wee, CY and Kelly? haha. i hope she's going :P later
gonna update with pixx (hopefully) afterwards. or maybe tomorrow (:

-my bro looks so cute here-

they so photogenic hor.. xP


when wan climb hill again?? ;DDDDD
oh ya. no muscle pain after yesterday's hiking. woots! *happy

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