Sunday, April 11, 2010

the end is near.... D:

oh God... i can feel it already.

EFPC report's due this Tuesday!! and i just freakin found out!! WHAT THE
 i don't know how much time i have left, and i'm not counting!
i'm just not in the mood to write that report laaaaa. i don't even have the effing pix, nor do i have the slightest idea what i'm supposed to write about!!!

just found out, the report isn't due til two weeks time. muahahahahha!!!

report this report that. don't future engineers have a life?!

hais. damn sad with all this. now life gets even more complicated.
person A told me the report due this Tues, then person B comes along and tells me it's week 7.

does the 2 tuition free weeks count as week 5 and 6, or not counted in the weeks?
cos if it is, then it's due this Tues. but if it's not, the reports only due in two more weeks time. wtf

i feel like burying myself in a hole or something. lie to myself better than facing the world. T__T 
yes, i'm a coward. *sad. 

on second thought, i wish i was Faceless Void in DotA ! how nice to be able to stop time .. even if only for a while. T.T

this boy is cute. he's only 6 and already he has his own phone. ok so maybe he was just holding his mum's but... so not the point.

me: hey, that's your phone ?
Bong Bong(cute boy's name): *nods*

me: can i have your number? *bats eyelashes*


how come I D: every time i hear the word 'Quiz', whereas other people :D when they do, because to them,  "Quiz is so easy" ?????????


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