Friday, April 23, 2010

hello bloggie.

it's been awhile, bloggie <3

ever since my ai ren left, there's just not much gatherings anymore :(
everyone, including me, are busy with their school works as well. boohoohoo !

neways, yesterday's Mechanics lecture was fun. haha
not the lesson, the lecturer. 
it was his last session with us, as he's only teaching us Statics. Dynamics will be taught by someone else. 
aww i'm so gonna miss him! 

cos he's like so funny. can't believe i only realized this recently, when he's leaving us soon. T3T 

during his tuto, he keeps on saying:

"okay. you see this question ah. during exam you won't have that much time. so must do it quickly."

"okay try this question. quickly."

"faster, take out your pen and paper, quickly. i give you 5seconds (wtf?). do it now, quickly."

and every time he says quickly, i'll laugh. hahaha!!
soooo funny bah the way he talks. as if he's in a hurry or something.

i remember the one time he looked into my eye and asked me to answer a question. and it happened to be the one time i didn't bring my file and brought the wrong tutorial questions to class. -__-

so of course i look at him with this dumbfounded expression on my face. rofl!
i guess he knew i'm one of the lost deers in his class, so 5 seconds later he asked someone else to answer the question.
it was sort of a relief, but offending at the same time !!
i was going to answer him okayyy *cough* not really *cough*

and i think he likes to sing k as well. can invite him to join awhyo liao lor

once during lecture, he said something like this:

"as you can see, i don't have much voice. 
so don't let me repeat what i say twice. i want to save my voice sing k tonight okay."


and during yesterday's lecture:

-someone came in and announced that tomorrow's (today) lectures will be rescheduled due to the graduation ceremony-

"lucky your Mechanics lecture not influenced hor. cos as you can see... we are having the lecture now." 

hahaha damn funny cos he's like stating the obvious =.=

and after that...

"waa so happy hor you all. graduation. 
then at night go sing k lar? 
don't forget to invite me ah. "


i'm so gonna miss him. :)



our lunch. yum yumm!!
add the egg only rm0.80. hahaha <3

and lately i'm sort of kinda (?) addicted to photoshop. D:
it's just so nice being able to make a dull picture become more lively. ehehe!!

take this pic of Kim Hyun Joong for example.
obviously the 2nd pic looks nicer right? haha!!
i'm not saying that because i edited the pic, i'm saying that because :P

but every time i try to edit pictures of Kim Hyung Jun (my lover forever and ever and ever!), the original pictures are always nicer. :(( !!

i guess this goes to show that he's just too damn perfect that even photoshop can't make him even more good looking. (:


awwww i love love love love love him!! :P

during yesterday's (funny) lecture, Wee and I bought biscuits during the break.
gave the cute guy one and he said thanks. hahahah!!! *blushhhhhh*

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