Saturday, June 19, 2010

thank youuu ;)

finally, finals are over. i have more than a month to do nothing. yay~

the past few days were tiring. we went for Michael's steamboat on Thursday. had fun eating and talking. great exercise for our mouths! :D
even cheated Daryl Soon that we went Al Fresco and watched the football match there. lol !

saw the tennis shuai ge there. he was with his gf.
was i disappointed? yes. was i sad? hell no. i had fun with my friends and didn't let this get to me.

that's just life - you can want many things, but not everything you can have.
i know my example up there is nothing compared to the strong love the two of you used to share.
but look closely, i wrote "used to share".

please, when will you face this fact?
i'm sorry for being harsh on you. but if i don't, you just won't wake up !

as a friend, i really want to slap some sense into you. why why why. why do you let yourself suffer because of a guy?
one day you'll look back on all this and say, "what the fuck was i thinking? i can't believe i wasted so much time and energy, tear and sorrow over someone so unworthy."
how the hell are you gonna look back on all this if you don't fucking move on?

all of us have reached our limits. we won't ask you to move on if we see potential in this relationship!
we will never stop you from being happy.
however in this case, we know that you're better off without him. why let a guy bring you down? 

no matter how much i say, you just won't listen.
don't tell me you cannot. you can. everyone can. more importantly, i know you can.
so please be strong and let time heal you.


and there's another thing that's bothering me.
 the two together just make things worse.
my head is gonna explode wtf.

i can't look you in the eye. i can't pretend as if nothing happened and that i don't feel anything. sadly there's nothing to forgive and forget because you did nothing wrong. it's just me. there are some things i can't accept and you broke one of those rules. yeah i'm a bitch. but i'm a good bitch so i'll forget all this ever happened because there's nothing i can do about it.

hot stuff and I. (picture highly edited cos i look like shit)

conclusion is, i'm emotionally drained. really tired of all this. why do humans need to feel?

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