Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day

yes, it's dad special day again :D

went Youth mass today. just me and my bro. the rest went to morning mass !
really happy to see Karen (choir) and the others as well. miss them all so much! <3 
went to Olic's house to return her notebook + glasses after church.
glad to see that she's happy again. :)

to my horror nobody was home. i was so scared they'd go celebrate without us  LOL
so quickly called mum and asked where she was.

in the end didn't eat out, they bought pizza! \m/
it's like family tradition. whenever there's birthday, sure pizza one. ehehe

so dad was like, wearing the shirt i gave him, and sporting his new watch - gift from mum.
good life hor!

then 2nd bro was in the kitchen cooking something he saw on tv. he's only 12 ler. :D
but in the end his so called masterpiece failed. muahaha.
then mum asked my 1st bro what's his gift to dad. he said he don't got no monehhhhh.

so mum said, "got some honeydew in the fridge, go make honeydew juice for dad.

lol !
and when dad drank the juice, he's like "this is the best juice ever!"


dinner was so damn nice. mum's cooking ler :))
and we had ice cream after. zomg felt so happy don't know why! not like i've never tasted ice cream before. it's just the feeling i guess, eating something special during an even more special day. XD

 and my youngest brother was so cute again just now!
we were at the shop buying ice cream, then i saw this young girl inside a car.

me: heyy~ what's your number ? (on behalf of my bro of course ;D)
bro: *annoyed face*

               i don't think she even has a number.

lol! @ the way he said it  -_-

ok la. tired already. can't believe i didn't take any pics at all :(
should have showed off the shirt i got dad hor. Olic Ting chose it with me :D

neways, the #1 dad award goes to.....
-drum roll please- 

sexy in blue ei? :D

woots. love you dad. <3

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