Tuesday, November 29, 2011

you think you know everything about me. you don't.
you think that what you presume is always right, but guess what, you're wrong. and fuck it i'm so tired of defending myself cause at the end of the day YOU JUST DON'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND.

everything i do or say is wrong. and whatever justification i have of my actions are ignored. you say i'm not grateful for the things i have, but what about you?

are you grateful for all those times i was a good girl?

every fucking time i ask for something, you make my bad day worse by assuming that i'm putting on a long face because i didn't get what i want. you have your way with everything now, don't you?

i'm just tired of all the shit i have to go through in this house. in all honesty i'm glad you're working in Brunei. less shit for me to deal with. like fuck it. fuck everything. 

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