Tuesday, November 22, 2011

instead of butterflies, you leave this bittersweet feeling in my stomach

"what I witnessed just now was beautiful. life in its full glory.
with everyone dancing,clapping and singing, rejoicing to the Lord with all their strength
it was beautiful

never have I seen something more majestic. haha it touched me. it really did. I never knew love was so near, if only we reached out and grab it. 

at the end of the night, people i don't know of came up to me and thanked me for the wonderful music. 

such a simple compliment you might think, but it touched me deeply. 

it feels so good, having someone look you in the eye and say thank you. 

everything is beautiful, all worries cease. and for once, everything was perfect

and I bet everyday can be perfect too, if only I face it with the right attitude - with love. "


i wrote that few days back, after the second day of the conference, but had no time to post it up. so i'm posting it now :D

the 3 days of conference was life changing. i really missed those days, the people and the band. sigh. but just like a really great movie, it is over, and i have to put myself together and get on with life. :)

amazing people :)

last but not least, with Fr. John Amsberry from America :D


Anonymous said...

What broad daylight isn't today?

Anonymous said...

What day isn't today?