Friday, October 8, 2010


i realized that i haven't been blogging properly lately. but somehow tonight, i'm feeling wordy. so here goes:

it rained the whole day. it was like, pouring, non stop. went all the way for that one hour lecture and got ourselves soaking wet in the end. me no likey :(
we had lunch at McD, BIG consolation :)) then walked around Parkson for awhile. woohoo. Wee bought her shampoo and I, treated myself to Milo McFlurry!! \m/ who's a happy girl? ME, ME!! :D

urm, today's been a gloomy day due to the rain. at least i get to use my Hello Kitty umbrella? lol sigh. the things i've been doing lately, really makes me wonder whether i'm making decisions with my brain or my ass. feels like everything is so screwed up. October? i'd choose September anytime. it's nothing personal, you've been a bitch to me, that's all.

enough with the words, time for some pics. ;}

ham po. hahaha
 cheat one them, stand behind me make my face look bigger -.-

 om nom nom nom
 lolol we found this at the entrance. kinda funny in a way

and on Monday, we had dinner to celebrate Katty's birthday! ;) after dinner, which was fillling, we headed to Parkson and goofed off there. haha. you probably saw the pics on FB already, but still gonna post some. hehe
birthday girl :))

 ooh i like my hair here :P

 bag lady

we hid at a corner and camwhored non stop. most of the shops were closing up but there were still passerby's. rofl someone even offered to help us take pic. haha.

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