Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i'm bored! :D

had 'lunch' at Dessert Master just now. it's a new place, just beside Yong Le.! :D
quite a lot of people there lo. i think that's cause it's new, Mirians love to go to new places one. haha

brief preview hehe. full post in our food blog. :) ---------> meweefoodaholic

okay this is a lame post, i know.
i just don't feel like writing a feelings post.
i don't mind writing it down here, and letting people read it. what i can't stand is people talking about what i write in front of me. LOL!
it's well.. kinda embarrassing i don't know why

urm, gonna prepare for tennis now. hehe byessss

why do i look like i have a mustache? T______T

oh wait, now i do. hahaha ;DDDDDD

and i know i did mention no feelings post, but.. i think i really kinda like you. hahahahahaha BYE (:

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