Monday, October 18, 2010

vampires suck

i just watched this movie a few days back. it was kinda lame, but at least it was funny. one of the main reason i bothered to watch it (despite the very-lame first few minutes of the movie), is because Matt Lanters is in it!! you've probably seen him before in 90210 (a hottie called Liam). he is so so hot!! even hotter than Robert Pattinson. and just look at his hair. guys with tall hair, fair skin and golden eyes simply turn me on. i guess i have a soft spot for vampires. ha ha ha

not only is the Edward in Vampires Suck hotter, Jacob is tonnes hotter than the Jacob in Twilight. \m/
sadly, Bella (or Beka in Vampires Suck) is still as annoying as hell. felt like slapping her at her awkwardness. i don't care if it's part of the act, it's just so damn annoying. the way she talks, the way she walks, the way she looks at people. every single thing about her made me want to slap the shit out of her! talk about violent. LOL

oh did i mention Beka is damn friggin despo in the movie? rofl. pictured above is Edward's horrified expression when she tore her pyjama's and revealed her neon bra and panties underneath. LMAO!!

moving on to the next hot guy in the movie -- Jacob. (Chris Riggi, or more famously known as Scott in Gossip Girl) *licks lips*

however, before that hot bod and sexy face, he had to undergo a painful to the eye transformation.

this was how he looked like the first time he went shirtless in front of Beka.
and she was like....

eventually, he got himself a decent haircut, shaved, revealing his perfectly toned abs and face.
and just like that, he spent the next half of his life, signing autographs for crazy teenage girls. :D

and Beka's like..

i'm telling you, this face is so perverted it makes other perverts look normal.

i'm all out of crap. :\ 
do catch this parody if you have nothing better to do. just like me, yay!

 oh Edward.. <3

and beneath all that make up and hair gel.....

is none other than Matt Lanters.

so so handsome!! with your messy brown hair and blue eyes. BLUE EYES!!!!!! perfect white teeth, and your smile. omg my life is complete if i can just meet you in real life. :3

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