Wednesday, October 13, 2010


oh my wet wet hair. ;D

well hello again. had so much fun today, but somehow i'm not feeling swell, like, there's this weird uncomfortable feeling inside my chest. i don't know how to let it out. i don't know how to describe it. i guess i just feel like i'm gonna be chased out of the house any time soon, i don't know? :(

i feel like i haven't been me lately. have i transformed into something, someone else? i've been acting like an asshole, treating people like shit just because they got on my nerves. there are relationships i've destroyed and that really made me feel crappy. like why didn't I think twice before doing/saying things that'll hurt people? and now i'm doing the same yet to another person. sometimes i wonder whether i'll ever look back and feel like punching myself in the face for being so incredibly stupid. oh wait, i don't have to look back cos i already feel like punching myself now -.- but.... it's not that i want to be mean, sometimes i just can't help it. do you know that feeling? like... you just can't bear to look that person in the eye? and everything he/she says or does just simply annoys the hell out of you? haha. yea that's how i'm feeling right now. well maybe perhaps i'm not solely to blame. you did do something that hurt me. it's a very deep hurt, FYI. being betrayed like that, i cannot believe you. i'm not sure whether i've forgiven you but i'm pretty damn clear that i haven't forgotten. so yeah, give me some time. the goody goody melo will be back! :)

 and to my parents, oh dear if you only knew what i've done. honestly i still think you guys are overreacting but then again, i haven't been the best daughter since like, forever. so forgive me please! :/ and i'm really trying to change. and i'm feeling like studying again! woot. erm by saying that i meant: finally reading through the tonnes of lecture notes that i've printed but haven't bothered to read. rofl. ho ho and just to prove it, i'm proud to say that i've just completed my quiz 9 and personal contribution form, and also my programming quiz? ehehe (A) *proud face*

as for today. hehe it was totally AWESOME. or according to a new person i hung out with today ---- FUCKING AWESOME!
after class, headed to pujut 2 abc for ice kacang. woohoo the cute lil' boy was there, as always. damn he's so cute. played with him for awhile but then he kinda scared me when he wanted me to build a robot using his lego's. even showed me the pic and ask me to build according to that -_-
after that, we headed to Hot Cross Bun cos urm.. the new person i hung out with today, who is also Wee's classmate, wanted to order a cake. i'm calling him person cos i don't really know his name. hehehe the car ride was pretty interesting as he had so much to say. kinda funny in a way. we all laughed like mad. and i must say i've heard enough of the word 'fuck' to last me one whole year. ;]

after maths lecture, headed to After Three for dinner with the musketeers! :D damn, our group is getting larger. haha. dinner was damn filling, i didn't even finish my food but i was bloated already. :X anyways, we took pics and crapped so much that we received a complaint saying we were too noisy. wtf HAHAHA! after dinner was sing k session! :P headed down to Simon Tiong and sang there. finally got to sing my song ηŒœδΈι€. :) but the thing about open air sing k is that you have to wait very long for your turn :| kinda annoying lehhs. hmmmm i guess that's about it? really miss my dalring though i see her quite often haha. but yeah really had fun guys.! (: see you soon. after i'm ground-free? rofl i'm not grounded yet but somehow i feel that i will be. ehehe.

or like Doreen always says,

suck on that, suckers!!! 


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