Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i don't wanna miss a thing

hey you,
                yeah you.

how you've been lately?
though we see each other often, lately it feels like there's this barrier between us. i don't know what's happening anymore. i want to know but i don't want to pressure you to tell me. you've been a great friend to me, you truly are. sometimes i wish i can be half as caring as you are. sometimes i wish that i can be there for you, listen to you pouring out your heart, and be the one who gives you a hug that makes everything okay. i know i'm naive to think that way, but that's just how i wish things would be. i wish that i can be the one that knows exactly what to say to make you feel better, even if only for a while.

it kills me inside seeing you sad, even more so knowing that i'm part of the reason you are sad. oh dear. tonight was.. i don't even know how to describe it. i was so afraid i wouldn't see you smile but thank God you did. is there anything i can do to make you feel better?

 Happy Birthday

to the prettiest birthday girl ever. hehe <3
(haha face hidden to hide identity) 

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