Sunday, October 3, 2010

shawty fire burning on the dance floor

is it just me, or is the weather getting hotter and hotter? :|

the past few days have been AWESOME! ;D
overnight-ed at the new Imperial Hotel with the Musketeers, our first sleepover! it was fun. sing k at night, sang til we lost our voices. then we headed off somewhere to shake our worries away, if you know what i mean ;]

then when we arrived home, continued watching Gossip Girl season 4 woohoo. thank goodness the wifi service at the hotel is pretty decent. loved all three episodes! :3
why only three? :(
and why is Blair and Chuck apart? i thought they'd reconcile or something. boohoohoo

slept at 6am, (talk about sleeping early lolol)
and woke at 9am. then we had our breakfast at 2020. checked out, then headed off to Progress. lolol. shiokness to the max \m/

lastly, headed off to Parkson. walked around, saw Ke$ha there (not the real person obviously duh) and blabla. went home then off to tennis. i don't know how i made it through the day alive, but i did. hehehe i'm so proud of myself. wtf

no pictures cos i didn't take any. hahaha but i'll steal some from Jacq once she uploads them. if she uploads them that is. due to technical problems, i'll just upload these long overdue pics. :)

been spending so much lately, this week in particular. almost 200+ gone? just like that. what the hell. don't know what am i thinking/doing.
just hope that i'll spend less after this week.

today's mum's birthday! hehe. bought her an ice cream cake but it's in the freezer now. should be celebrating tonight, at home, pics later perhaps? ;D
love you mum! <3


and last but not least,

all the best to my neighbour, who is now in UK! :))
all the best there, kik them ang moh asses in study. ahaha.

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