Wednesday, February 4, 2009

out of reach...

ohmigosh lahh !!!
just visited xiaxue's blog,
and she recently bought a new pup!
wth so cute lahh!!! T_T
I want one too.. *sobs*
how come Miri no have such a cute dog har?!
so small...
just like a chihuahua.. but definitely cuter than one XD

and my mood these past few days have been so...
I keep thinking bout him,
knowing clearly that he'll never feel the same,
nor care bout me thinking bout him,
and yet,
I still do.
I still think bout him every minute of every hour of the day.
I thought that not seeing him would make this feeling fade away...
I thought that by distracting myself with other guys would make me forget him...
but I'm still not forgetting..
and when I start to think of him,
butterflies would enter my stomach and I can't help but smile sheepishly..
people who saw me smiling would surely think I'm a maniac of some sort
I like him, I really do.
*I think*
I hope I don't lorh..

what to do..
nothing left but to erase him from my mind,
and hope that I never see him ever again,
so that forgetting him will become much much easier...
Miri isn't that small,

out of reach...

2 more days!!!!
almost there
wahoooo !!~

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