Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm gonna be okayy ;)

done editing the pic for my blog,
I think this one looks better than the one before... ehh??

ate breakfast with all my lovers at 2020 just now~
Poh Lim went too.
he's leaving for KL today.
when we reached there,
it suddenly started to rain so hard ._.

so Susan and I waited in the car for the others to arrive..
they so slow lorh..
when they finally arrived the rain already stopped sia =="
then makan~~ =D
talk talk talk so long there,

after dunno how long, we went to Imperial.
go there see see handphones,
cause Doris wanna buy new hp !
omg lah. see all those phones also make me want to buy

soooooooo scary lah just now!!
when going home I'm all alone marh, cause all the others went with Doris' car,
they're going to Boulevard whereas I had to go home already.
*being the good sister that I am,, *ahem**

then then,
need to go out from the Imperial area right,
then got a booth like pay for the ticket..
I turn too close to the side le, so like..
dunno how to say -__-"
like.. my tyre go up the side thing ahh..
so I reverse..
twice lehh!!!
but no difference..
so I also dunno how..
so I just drive over the thing,
and hoping that I won't scratch the side of my car T_T

I still dunno whether got scratch dao o not larh..
but I think no have *phew~*
then the guy inside the booth laughed at me T_T

and want to drive also..
the car cannot move...
so I press accelerator,
and then the car went too fast so I quickly press brake again
omg lah.. =="
they sure think I kopi licence or what T_T
*sobs sobs*

well at least I arrived safely at home .__.

then, another soi thing happened ==
when I go and pick my bros,
suddenly noticed the petrol thing blinking
dun dare drive anymore lehhs like this T_T
sad sad sad!!!

so I so scare..
but just keep driving and hoping that the car won't stop halfway or something..

luckily I arrived at my bro's school ._.
I didn't even on the air cond leh ==
called my dad,
then he asked me to put rm10 1st lols..
so we did that,
my youngest brother and I.
he also soooooo worried.
when I on the air cond,
he said:
no! don't on!!!


and when finish putting petrol we were both filled with joy,
and we both shouted like we were saved by a rescue team while stranded on an island.
lame ._.

woo.. check out this 2 pics..
stole it from one of my many lovers' friendster. =P

from left:
Doris dear, Susan darling, Sing Sien Ai renn, Kri Laopo, C3 Qing Fu, Karen babe, & ME!
this was taken when we were singing K~
should be in Rex Box bahh
haha. the background damm nice one ^^
all gurlzs~ x33

celebrated Doris' birthday at 925..
our photo~
*haix.. getting less and less people.. =(*

I noticed while editing our pics..
that Awhyo gang..
really is getting fewer and fewer people..
that's one of the main reasons I put the pic of our last gathering,
(at Pong's before HH left for Kuching) at the center.
it's because,
that was the time when there were still so many of us.

I miss my friends..
everyone has left.. some to other states.. some to other countries..
I know, we can't be together forever..
and the time will come when we'd have to leave each other.
I believe our time has come. :/
and sometimes, it's just too hard for me to cope with...

last night I cried lerh..
cause it's like..
duno larh..
so many people..
then one by one they left..
in the end,
there's just a few of us left..

that day I watched Lord of the Rings
with mum and dad.
and and.. I was like looking forward to see Orlando BLoom bahh aka Legolas~
cause in my memory he's like the only cute guy in da show~

nehh nehh Orlando~
omg my dad said that he's gay =="
is this true?!
cause I will not believe it unless someone confirms it LOL!
hmmph chou babe say no cute guys in the show T_T

and and before Orlando appeared,
showed a Ranger..
at 1st thought he was the bad guy or something..
then hor~~~
turns out he's such a good guy *drools*

especially when his hair is all messy muahaha~

his eyes..
they are absolutely gorgeous
I know many people won't agree with me but laalla~
I dun care~~ ^^

guess who's pic I found while searching for the pics above?
none other than Mr Edward Cullen~~~

gahhh ~

heard HH's coming to Miri!!!
damm hhapppyyyy!!
though we're not always on good terms.
but it's still good to have one of my friends backk ^^
hope we'll have fun~


BlueBerry~ said...

So emo for what? Zzz. I will be back in December. The rest would be too de. Except C3 and HH maybe. But still got chance de. Can still have AWHYO gathering de. Noobie. Hehe. You in Miri still got Susan, Karen them hor. Me here have no one at all. Zzz. Noob Melo.

BlueBerry~ said...

By the way. I have driven with lower fuel than you. A lot lower. Car wont die so fast de. Car also wont scratch so easily like that de. I've done that too. Hehe.

MeLo♥ said...

omg.. i actually cried after reading your comment!!! ==" haix.. sorry lah.. hard not to be sad okay.. I just miss our gatherings, when there were still so many of us,.. and then, like.. one big family bahh.. :((... yea I have Susan Karen Kri Doris them.. but then... how bout all those who left leh? one by one again.. like the pain 'accumulate' LOL!!.. and and.. THANKS FOR CALLING ME A NOOB LOL!! it makes you.. YOU!! =D