Monday, February 2, 2009

4 more days!!!

what a day...
late... again... nothing new there .__.
then during lunch,
Susan, Doris, Carrie, Poh Lim and I,
we all ate at the food court. XD
very touched lor they all waited for me to eat lunch together

guess what, I was late from lunch, again,
then suddenly everyone working there were like telling me that late is a very bad thing
omg lah...

all tell me will minus pay,
but nobody can tell me how much..
what if after all my hard work my pay only 200??!?!
I will kill people for sure ==

had dinner at Maha Lada Curry House,
I think that's the name of the place
I only had 30minutes to eat cause I spent the other half hour talking with my qing ai de.. hahas!!
so I ordered rojak~
walau... damm yumy lo ==

seriously.. look at the serving.. ==
I ben lai thought that I can finish it who knew I couldn't.. haha
but very yummy lo~
though I dunno what I was eating cause the guy put so much sauce .__.

now suddenly no mood again lorhs..
cause just now balancing tio scold..
for no reason at all..!!
just suddenly the guy helping me balancing talked to me,
so sarcastic again..
waseh.. hurt you know?!
ta ma de
spoil my mood.
then felt soooooo low,
wished that someone was there to comfort me..
but ...
I don't have anyone.. =/

I hate level 3!!!
shitty level..
all the execs there hate me I don't know why.
screw you all

4 more days!!!!!!


omg lah.. just grabbed this pic from my ai ren's friendster =p

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