Wednesday, February 16, 2011

being ridiculously unphotogenic

gatherings = photos being tagged on facebook.

which, for someone as unphotogenic as me, is a bad thing.

it's not fair how certain people are born photogenic, like they were made to take gorgeous pictures or something. sheeesh. okay lah in their defense they just might be born with good looks, not just photogenic. bleh. screw you all. hahahaha!  no i'm serious.

 exhibit A.
look at my eyes! why one big one small haaaaa. me no likey :(

this one even worse. i look retarded.
 gorgeous Raybans though. HAHA!

okay lah honestly there are worse pictures of me but i don't have the guts to post them here. later my readers go from 1 to negative 10000000000. #foreveralone. wtf

and if you haven't noticed, i cut my hair!! :D \m/ :D

it feels sibeh light now. but then again i kinda miss my longer hair. and then again, maybe not all that much. hehe #itsdefinitelyagirlthingyo. :))

not much difference also lah. -__-

of course, God is fair so sometimes, unphotogenic people get to look good in pictures too! yayy

 da jieeee. she's leaving soon  boohoo :(

 this picture so sad lah.
Karen's in Australia now. c3's leaving a few minutes later, and Terry's leaving soon as well. :'(


 at least i'll always have Wee with me here. T_T

oh and my laopo too. wuahaha.

and my dalring too! (couldn't fine any recent pics woi hint hint*)

but then again, i know one day they'll leave too. must be strong.

P/s don't get me wrong, i'm not saying my photos are ugly. i'm not like some people who post up gorgeous pictures of themselves and say "oh why the fuck am i so ugly?" 

yea, why the fuck indeed. 

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