Monday, February 28, 2011


gek sai face. struggled to open my eyes wide cause every time i take a fuckin' picture of myself with this camera, i can't seem to find my eyes. wtf

yeahh today was the first day of school. also the last day of February. to me, February is like, the month for love. haha. okay what am i saying. too bad, i saw him today, but... somehow there were no more butterflies.  >:(

on a brighter note.....

i look so sohai-ly excited for school. wtf

happy that i can finally use my Argentina bag, but also kinda shy cause i never used backpack to Curtin before.
not to forget my adorable accessories hidden inside my bag. muahaha~~

 too bad i'm all talk. i kept telling myself i'd study later. but it's 11pm now and i didn't touched anything lei! some habits never change..

 have i mentioned how much i wurve you??? <3


not only that, i also bought a fish to accompany me during my late nights ('studying' *cough)

eesh see the water dirty already. she's so high maintenance. :x

:O haha

note to self:

please study tomorrow.  

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