Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy birthday c3 and terry~

seriously, being the birthday celebrant makes you look ten times hotter than you usually do. i don't know how or why, it's a fact.

so yea, gorgeous birthday celebrants in the pic above. ;]

had dinner at Nikko. my first time going there!

the sushi not bad, but the rice was too sweet! D:
we were happy that the waitress helped us choose our orders. who knew when she left PL told us that she's one of the evil ones working there. wtf (he used to work there long ago)

we crapped + took photos while waiting for time to pass. because Ms Kri Wong had work til 9pm. ngehehe

oh yea, if you noticed Terry isn't in the pic.
he didn't join us for dinner because he had his with his family at Dynasty. rich ass.

okay, our second stop was Terminal. sing K as usual! haha

wow i even labelled our names for...  well, for fun.

3hours is definitely not enough to sing luhh. just saying. i ran out of voice halfway anyways. boohoo

we cut the cake round 11pm, ngehehe. it's the usual someone-goes-to-the-toilet-and-comes-back-with-a-cake-surprise-surprise! LOL

 we had two cakes hoho~
Terry's one more special because it's his 21st. we decided that when you turn 21 you deserve a jaw-dropping cake. remember SS's? ;D

 and wow my finger looks so delicate in this pic. HAHA!!

 sad to say looks really can be deceiving cause c3's cake tastes wayy better than Terry's. wuahha!

 pretty pretty!

 and i don't want to repeat the same mistake of not taking a picture with the birthday celebrant!!!
so i threw the mike away and rushed to take a pic with the oh so gorgeous c3. ;D
no pic with Terry though. bleh.

one last pic.
happy birthday to the two of youu. all the best <3

i'll end with this pic. because it is definitely CHIO!!! :)

all the best to Karen as well! she left for Australia already. only can see her this year end.. :( 
i'll miss you babeee. take cares! <3 and you better read this post. hahaha

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