Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart

awwww. thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. really really appreciate it.
and also to ah Vian, who wrote this post for me. haha really touching :')
thank youuuss <3

honestly, i was kinda dreading my birthday :S
the closer it gets, the more i worry. it's actually because i'm afraid that nobody remembers.. like, that'd suck right?
who knew.. i have so many wonderful friends who remembered. ;D

last night Kri dropped by my house. she needed my help on something. hahaha!
then while she was here we webcam-ed with Susan.
after Kri left Susan kept wanting to webcam. i was like, huh?! miss me so much meh can't stand not seeing my face even for a while? ROFL XD
turns out she wanted to sing happy birthday to me. hahahah! OMG Susan Ling Ying singing?? EPIC YO! :D
so yeh i'm really really touched. :P
but too bad the internet connection sucked, and by the time i realize it i was talking to myself. wtf

okay it's already 930 and i haven't bath! i shall bath now.

i want this okk? mum, dad, you hear me? ;DDDD

PS: please don't rain? T3T

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