Saturday, July 10, 2010

i miss blogging!

yuhoo~ finally dad returned the laptops! :D
hip hip hurrayy~

Wednesday was my offday, spent the whole day with my babehs ! happyy :)
watched Kick Ass at Sanjeet's, along with Doreen, Phoebe and Ying Yin. the movie was stupid and funny. LOL!
then at night, watched Eclipse with Jac dalring! hahaha. sadly the show was kinda boring D:
excluding the parts where i gasped and drooled at the guys .hahahaha
omggg @ Edward! and Emmet, Jasper. and the Riley guy.

we had ice cream at iglool too! yummeh yo~
if you haven't tried it then you should :D
plus you get to play with their touchscreen machine. sakai right? :P 

this is where i'm working part time for now. ;)
it's actually kinda fun. torture to my legs, but i enjoy seeing people come and go. haha
some of the customers are really nice too.

like today, this guy from Brunei talked to me. telling me to not be shy and be more confident. LOL! at first i was wondering why he told me all that, but thinking back i realized it was because i almost spilled their water when serving them. hahaha!! silly me.
and you know how i like rich + friendly people (shallow i know :S). and he was one of them. so i told my brother about him.
and before i knew it, we were arguing about who's richer, the guy i met or his friend. wtf -___-

he was stubborn and insisted that his friend is richer. -.-
i told him, hello? this guy had an ipad ok. and an LV wallet. and drives a lexus. and he's from Brunei. PLUS he's in his 20's (i suppose).
but nooooooooo~
he insisted that his friend (who's only a teenager) is wayyy richer. cos he drives a Harrier (with tonnes of upgrades), lost his ipod (i still think ipad is betteer than ipod!) and has his own credit card.

if he didn't had any gf's in the past, i might suspect that he's gay. WTF!
so fine. in the end i shut up and let him win. but secretly i still think the guy is richer HAHAHA!!
ok lah who cares anyways? it's not us. LOL!
how nice if i'm super kick ass rich and drove a BMW. wooooh~~  *day dream*

this is my hair bun. epic fail. T___T
i'm seriously balding. wtf, kill me please. look at the bun, how pathetic it is. the head so big then bun so small. GAHH D:
ignore the bangs. cut it meself. hence the hideousness.
not that it matters, we have to pin up all our hairssss during work. boohooo :(
how to seduce hot ang moh's liddat?

got abit sad lor.... starting Monday i'm gonna work at Zaika.. no more Fratini :((
i want Fratini. it feels more likke home. hahaha

owh well... :)


Scott McLean said...

I like those little fish-shaped cookies? and with ice cream would be delicious! I'm hungry, I'll be right over... joking. Ok take care.

MeLo♥ said...

haha funny comment :P