Monday, July 19, 2010

paul the octopus is a stalker.

look how little hair i have left. (pulls hair out in frustration) << LOL WTF

last night i had a reason to blog. somehow now with the blogger page opened and photos uploaded, i have no clue what i wanted to blog about. -___-

omg.. it's been hours, stilll nothing. LOL!! i guess i'll just upload the pictures.

Zaika !! was too bored so i took this pic. it's me trying to take an artistic picture!! :D epic fail

Cathe!! my buddy in Zaika. lol lol she always make lassi for me :P
feeding me like a pig. wtf

my bro! yes we work together lol lol !!

i don't like the uniform lor.
long sleeve - damn hot. plus it's transparent!!! D:
inside need wear one white shirt, adding even more hotness. eeeesh
 oh ya, need to tie up all my hair in a bun. (refer to picture above)

bad news - causes hair to suffocate, and die a slow and torturous death
good news - i can master how to tie a hair bun, instead of my usual pathetic one.
bad news - not only is my skill not improving, i'm also losing hair. wtf

spongebob cake!! but i don't see spongebob anywhere. LOL!
anyways, this ain't my cake. it was a little girl's. her family celebrated her birthday at Fratini's

working at Zaika's fun. i have no problem with the people there. unlike Fratini..... :S
there's one person in particular whom i despise there. grrrrrr not gonna talk about it cos it makes my blood boil. don't believe me, ask da jie!! :P

seems like i have nothing else to say :X
i shall end with two more highly edited camwhore pix. hahehihohu.

omg. just clicked on the Paul the Octopus prediction thingy again. hahaha
this time, he said "you will be in a financial crisis." 
cham liao cham liao!

but the question is, how the hell did he know i was checking out phones just now? O_O

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro. damn nice !!
anyone know the price in Miri?? please tell me! :P

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