Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my top 5 football players

(in terms of hotness and skillz of course)

Iker Casillas from Spain. 
zommggg hahaha engtao! :D 

and of course, with a face like that, he's taken already. T3T 
plus his gf is sibeh hot. :O :O :O!!

Thomas Müller from Germany. 
i know i know, i hate Germany. but he is kinda cute. ! but that doesn't mean i forgive you for beating Argentina! 

Frank Lampard from England!
wohooo he is sexy yo!
plus his face is like blur blur all the time. hahaha cute! 

Steven Gerrard from England as well. ~ 
though he's aged, but still... hot hot hot!! 


and last but not least~ my no.1 !! woohoooo. i'm sure you all already know who it is lah. :D 

*drum roll please* 

Gonzalo Higuain♥ from Argentina <3 

omgggg so so so hot ! yummeh! :D :D :D 
and since he's my favourite, more pix of him! yipeee~ \m/ 

lookin' smexyy yo~ 

Higuain covering his ass. 
told you Argentina's manager gropes the players' asses!! 
oh my poor Higuain. :|

PS. i know alot of you won't agree with my list but lalala~~ i don't care! :D 
Cristiano Ronaldo was supposed to be in the list, but i realized he ain't all that hot lor, just his body nice niaa. 
PLUS, he flashes alot. wtf. unlike Higuain here who's shirtless pics are no where to be found on google. boohoohooo T.T 

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