Friday, July 16, 2010

for the sake of updating .

hehs :)
as mentioned in my previous post - i'm now working at Zaika. not Fratini's nemore.
it's actually quite fun. haha
there's not much customer so the toughest part of the job is changing the set up for the tables. (LOL)
i still think it's unnecessary to change the set up of the tables for dinner and lunch lor. like, nobody even notices... right?
just saying. *cough

i'm downloading a few series too. muahaha

firstly, Cougar Town.
this show damn funny luhh. can't wait for it to finish download. ! :D

other than that, i'm also downloading Pretty Little Liars.
saw some people tweeting about it? so yeah hopefully it's nice!! :D

don't know why the actresses so dirty on the cover lor. so.... eew. 

and for now, i'm watching How I Met Your Mother. finally completely downloaded. season 1 only -____- wth
and Barney's funny! and kinda good looking, but sadly (if not mistaken), he's gay in real life. :\ boohoo

Barney: so.. what you wanna do tonight?
Girl: i wanna do something dirty.
Barney: I'm dirty, do me!

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