Saturday, August 15, 2009

ignore this. haha

no idea what to blog bout ;D
so I shall make this post a random one!! :O

random as in full of crap XD

I know I've been using this blog skin for quite some time.

thinking of changing, but can't find any nice skins nowadays ):

if you didn't already notice (you must be blind!)
I love love love the Fahrenheit pic at the sidebar of my blog!!

stole it from a website.
it keep on changing one oh.. haha XD

and and,
lately I'm addicted to Twitter don't know why!!
haha ;D

you can see all my tweets at the sidebar too!!
*below the song*


so even when I'm not updating my blog, I actually update my twitter. hehe

well, if I'm not updating Twitter, then you'll know something bad has happened to me!




on the other hand,
I've been watching an old taiwan drama -- Marry Me.

xiao mei aka He Jun Xiang's in it.
that's practically the only reason I bothered to watch it. hahaha

but only watched 3 or 4 episodes jiu stopped watching liao.


simply because I do not like the storyline!
it suxks ...

watch liao make me beh song dunno why ! :X

well you see,
xiao mei (main actor) proposed to his gf, Yuki.
but she didn't showed up for the wedding !
*1st episode already so sad*



I don't really like seeing the girl with xiao mei lo.

I have my reasons ok!!
not that I like xiao mei and wanna keep him for myself or something like that!

this time it's different.

I am still fully devoted to Calvin Chen ok!!

moving on~
I disapprove, because :

the girl's bf is like totally in love with her!!
(yes she already has a bf!)

this is her bf in the drama.

he treats her so well.
he used to be a playboy, but fell in love with her.
and is so so devoted to her. !!

and he proposed, but she keeps avoiding him like that!!

ughhhh why so bad one har?

and obviously she likes xiao mei more lo!!

watch liao also beh song..

why are people like that sometimes?
not appreciating what they already have.
taking for granted the person who loves them dearly.

please lah if you don't love him then might as well leave him!!
why agree to the engagement then in the end don't show up??

I saw the preview of the next episode
the girl was supposed to be on a plane to Las Vegas to marry her bf but she didn't go!!

and xiao mei did the same!!
his gf who didn't show up for the wedding told him to meet her in Bara Bara to get married there.
and he didn't go too!!


stupid show, stupid plot.

okokokok I know I'm getting too involved in all this, it is just a drama after all.

but still make me beh song ma!!

though I'm not sure whether they'll end up together but chances are,
they will.

so hmmph!
I am so not watching that drama.

directors really should let us decide on the ending!
that way everyone'll be happy, no?

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