Monday, August 24, 2009

some things are just not meant to be...

ate breakfast at Mosjaya this morning!
with c3 ~ hehe

we decided to arrive at c3's house at 9am,
but in the end only departed at 9 haha!!

awhyo trait --- never on time!

this is what I had for breakfast!

omg so nice ... haha
but I forgot what's it's name liao... =X
nono.. should say, I dono how to pronounce the name

after eating ,
we all hang out at c3's house.

the two sapo's that knot stay away from com de jiu there playing Restaurant City lo~
forgot is who liao lahh . haha

but sad lo only stayed there a while jiu have to go to school liao =X
miraculously enough, I wasn't late!

now I wanna intro a sweet bought by my dad oh! ;D

here's its appearance!
looks very normal rite?
I saw the whole pack there and didn't even bother to touch it,
cos doesn't look yummy AT ALL,
plus, looks like those hot hot sweet.haha

then after dinner,
my dad opened one and I was like,
macam mana punya??

walau wehh can you believe it, it's actually chocolate!

all this while!
I left it there all alone




I feel so guilty


also, I took pics of the sapo who insisted I waited till 8pm then I can play computer.

very cute lah him.. haha

my lil' bro ! ;D

love him love him !
finally found someone who's cuter than me! :O

sorry for the breakdown just now...
thanks James for the chat, feel much better!

definitely feeling superb now.. after all that crying.. haha

I'm gonna be okayy peoples!
dun worry bout me (:

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