Wednesday, August 26, 2009

how do I let go, what was never mine?

rather lazy to update..

but since I have nothing to do
*ignoring all the assignments waiting for me in my bag*
I shall post up some pics from my phone!


come to think of it, I slept so long yesterday!
damn happy lahh !!

I actually fell asleep while lying on my bed,
slept till 1am.
shiokkkk :P

long time didn't sleep so long liaos !
plus, after waking I slept from 2++ till 6. yay ^^

because of that (me being overly tired),
I now have to be in my room by 10pm. (wtf?)
kelian ahh !

now my lovers are probably enjoying themselves singing k~
whereas here I am,
wasting my time~ lolol!


me and CY.
we wore the same shirt today ! haha

not really same la~ like similar. lolz

da jie's phone~

that day at Ming's ~
us enjoying our roti's !

though I seriously think the drinks there need TONNES of improvement lah!

Bryan and C3!
bry joined us awhile only de boh !
so fast jiu gtg liaos.

haix !

c3 and Karen babee

me and c3

c3 and Kri laopo ~~
laopo look like doll here lerhhh haha

PL and c3.

prince and princess.

and lastly, ~

Doris dear and me. ;D

so much love~
woo dun jealous ohh XP

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